Menu Musings

No menu planning for this week as of yet due to our second round of illness since moving. *sigh* But several meals from last week's menu were certainly a hit.

Can't recommend the slow-Cooker Black beans enough - huge hit. And in addition to the soup, I used them in black bean chimichangas, which were amazing.

Chili Corn Stack-Up Salad (with Amy's Organic Chili) - Ryan and I both loved this meal. We'll probably have it again sometime this week-end, if I can muster the energy to go to the grocery store.


Katherine Maxey said...

mmmm, both sound delicious. might have to add them to my recipe book!

Jill said...

Thanks, Emily. I will have to try these. They look great.

P.S. I currently have Southern Living Magazine Recipes 1997 checked out of the library. Getting some great ideas.