* In regards to the comments to my last post: happened upon this tidbit while wasting time on-line today...if the mystery of the showering divers appeals to you, check it out.

* We have Brazilian cherry hardwood floors throughout the downstairs. A messy toddler and 2 messy dogs (including one shedding Jack Russell) have caused our new floors to be in a constant state of disrepair. Until I made the best purchase of my life: an Electrolux Ergorapido sweeper vacuum. If you have hardwood floors, run-do-not-walk to Target and pick one up. The best $99 you will ever spend.

*Received a great Piece of Flair on Facebook: "I do not negotiate with Toddlers." Thanks Marlo!

* I love our new house for many reasons. But one of my favorite features is the large master closet (almost as large as our guest bedroom was in Charlottesville) because it houses my treadmill and my collection of dumbbells. The builder just gave me a new closet outlet yesterday so today was my first day to actually be able to use it - it was fabulous.

* Elliot is now 6 months old. And incredibly precious. He adores all of us (and lets us know this by flashing huge smiles whenever we even remotely acknowledge his existence), including the dogs, but Charlie is his favorite. Here are my 3 men, reading before bed last night.

* We are now about 1/3 settled in; about 80% of the boxes are unpacked but nothing is in order, we still can't fit our cars in the garage and we have not hung a single picture or decorative item. But at least our new tv is hung above the fireplace. Just in time for the Olympics (we're addicts).

Design on a Dime is on and they are talking master bedrooms. Zai jian.


Megan said...

Ah, so they shower to keep their muscles warm...interesting. The hot tub sounds like a more effective way to accomplish that. Dripping water doesn't really make much of an impact on the legs... shoulders, yes; legs, no... in a sport like that, I would think your legs would be the powerhouse. What do I know though? I learned to swim in a 3 ft pool in the backyard with my sister as my instructor. Oh, and I couldn't dive until my good friend Emily (you) taught me how in high school! I'm definitely not an expert on this topic! Ha!

Cute picture of the Moody men reading. Charlie is getting so big!!! Elliot is adorable! Wish we could see you guys!

Marlo said...

Ok, I'm jealous of your closet! And I can't believe I'm saying that because mine is pretty big.
I really need to call you tomorrow about finally having y'all over. It's getting a little ridiculous. :)

Marlo said...

Oh and I'm glad you liked the flair.:)