World's Worst Blogger

Yep, that's me. I know it. But I'm sure none of you have missed me anyway, sniff sniff. :)

I'm going to re-enter blogosphere by participating in a fun little blogging game sent to me by Jill. I'm too tired and overworked to understand what this is myself but click here for an explanation...

1. “What were you doing 10 years ago?”
Graduating from high school and getting ready for college! It's my big reunion year!

2. “What were you doing 1 year ago?”
Working, mothering, etc.

3. “Five snacks you enjoy:”
Smoothies, cheese, chips & salsa, yogurt, granola sans almonds (hard to find, I'm allergic to almonds)

4. “Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:”
Baby Got Back, Bohemian Rhapsody, Be Thou my Vision, Amazing Grace, And Can it Be (random assortment, huh?)

5. “Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:”
Buy beach houses, re-decorate them and sell them for a profit (keeping a few for myself); start medical clinics in various parts of Africa; purchase a new wardrobe (sorry, I have to be honest here!); support the International Justice Foundation; pay off Ryan's loans :)

6. “Five bad habits:”
Surfing the net; stressing out; sleeping in; falling in love with um, questionable TV shows (Desperate Housewives, HBO's Big Love); gossiping

7. “Five things you like doing:”
Writing, working out, cooking / entertaining, shopping, getting pedicures

8. “Five things you would never wear again:”
bone-colored pumps, culottes, jumpers, tiny bikinis, high-rise blue jeans

Now, I’m supposed to tag 5 other bloggers who are supposed to answer these questions on their blogs. So: Amy Claire, Ethan (Megan), Maryanne, Posey, Maxeys (Katherine), go for it!