Going Green for God ?!

Something is brewing and it isn't the Fair Trade coffee I bought this morning at Sam's Club: it's a developing concern and an increasing level of consciousness about the environment around here. Unsure of where this concern this coming from or moving towards, the gnawing sense of "What-do-I-really-believe-about-all-this-green-nonsense" needs to be explored. So I'm committing to thinking, praying, educating myself on the topic. And while I'm at it, taking small steps towards a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Thinking/praying/educating Step 1: Read the The Cornwall Declaration on Environmental Stewardship, a declaration on the environmental movement created by / subscribed to by Cal Beisner, one of my college professors, and a notable list of other academic and religious greats and thoroughly peruse the Cornwall Alliance website

"Doing" Step 1: Recycle all the boxes and packing material used in our move. Borrowed by aunt's cargo van to make the process more efficient. Will save gas AND some trees. One load down, about 3 more to go

Oh, and if you stop by our house and ask for bottled water, you won't find it. I'll pass you a water bottle from the dollar bin at Target and you can fill it up with water from the fridge filter.


Who Knew?

Yesterday while wasting valuable time on Facebook, I took the World's Smallest Political Quiz. And according to this quiz, I'm a Libertarian!

According to your answers, the politicalgroup that agrees with you most is...

Libertarians support maximum liberty in both personal and economic matters. They advocate a much smaller government; one that is limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence. Libertarians tend to embrace individual responsibility, oppose government bureaucracy and taxes, promote private charity, tolerate diverse lifestyles, support the free market, and defend civil liberties. The red dot on the chart shows where you fit on the political map. Your personal issues score is 60%. Your economic issues score is 90%.

What are you? Find out here and let me know!


Menu Planning Mondays

I love cooking. I've taken an extensive hiatus from any real and intentional cooking and menu planning ventures in recent weeks (months!) since we've been so busy. But now that my kitchen is more than 60% unpacked, I feel that it's time to get back in the saddle!

I had two goals in mind for this week's menu:
1 - Plan breakfasts, lunches and snacks *somewhat* in sync with The Abs Diet for Women, my favorite eating and workout plan (it's so easy...except for the protein part since I don't really eat much meat)
2 - Prepare more veggies

So with those goals in mind, here's what we are having for breakfast:
Scrambled eggs with veggies, english muffin
Cereal, banana
Oatmeal with fruit and nuts (probably going to try Jill's baked oatmeal this week)

And lunch:
Veggie burger with salad (me) and carrots/peas/green beans (Charlie)
Veggies and brown rice
Pbutter and jelly, fruit (not creative, I know, but pb&j is still one of my favorites!)

And Dinner:
Salmon Rushdie (from the Abs Diet recipes), salad
Chicken Little Italy (from the Abs Diet recipes), fresh sauteed spinach, rolls
Slow-Cooker Black beans, rice, plantains
Ham, mac n cheese, sauteed veggies
Chili Corn Stack-Up Salad (instead of homemade chili, I'm using Amy's Organic Chili)

And for Sunday lunch: Creamy Black Bean Soup, using some of the beans from the slow-cooker beans above. I'm planning to use the crock pot for this recipe too, so that the meal can be ready when we walk in the door after church. I'm always looking for easy Sunday lunch ideas...my plan is to develop a short list of our family's favorite lunch menus that work for our Sunday afternoon schedule.

Snacks include cheese and crackers, yogurt and abs diet smoothies - yum!

And this week I'm waging war on the chaos around us. I waived the white flag last week due to the kids' colds and all of our disrupted sleep schedules (we are all adjusting to yet another change, I think) but this week, I'm determined to make this house feel like home for all of us.


Still here & drowning in chaos...

From apartment mess...

To moving mess...Charlie was not a bit sad that the movers went a little overboard with wrapping my glass items!

Still working on a new blogging identity in the midst of it all! Stay tuned...don't give up on me!

And because I need something to give me hope that this place will one day be organized and feel like home...

(Southern Living At HOME Olive Jar Trio)



banquette (n.) A long upholstered bench placed against or built into a wall

I want one. Have the perfect space in our kitchen; found a fun blog explaining the concept in more detail -

There is nothing more luxurious than banquette seating at your dining room table. It evokes images of dining in a fancy French Restaurant. Lingering at the table, good conversations, the family gathered together, taking the time to dine rather than snatch a quick meal at the counter, comfortable. It also serves as double duty seating in a dining room adjoining a living room. It makes the most of a small space and makes for a cozy seating area. Round tables, square tables, rectangular tables - all work. Seating for 2, 4, 6, or 8. Toss cushions or not. Curved banquettes, straight banquettes, L shaped banquettes, or U shaped - all are possible. There are so many possibilities. A suitable option for almost any room. Have fun and pick your favorite.

We have a fabulous bay window in the breakfast area - perfect for one of these seating arrangements. What I want is a cross between Picture A and Picture B:

Picture A

Picture B

In other words, stained/painted bench seating, with cushions (no upholstry!), along the bay window with a chair or two on the other side of a round pedestal table.

We're closing on the 18th (and moving out of this wretched apartment 5 minutes later!) so home decor and furnishings are on my mind.