banquette (n.) A long upholstered bench placed against or built into a wall

I want one. Have the perfect space in our kitchen; found a fun blog explaining the concept in more detail -

There is nothing more luxurious than banquette seating at your dining room table. It evokes images of dining in a fancy French Restaurant. Lingering at the table, good conversations, the family gathered together, taking the time to dine rather than snatch a quick meal at the counter, comfortable. It also serves as double duty seating in a dining room adjoining a living room. It makes the most of a small space and makes for a cozy seating area. Round tables, square tables, rectangular tables - all work. Seating for 2, 4, 6, or 8. Toss cushions or not. Curved banquettes, straight banquettes, L shaped banquettes, or U shaped - all are possible. There are so many possibilities. A suitable option for almost any room. Have fun and pick your favorite.

We have a fabulous bay window in the breakfast area - perfect for one of these seating arrangements. What I want is a cross between Picture A and Picture B:

Picture A

Picture B

In other words, stained/painted bench seating, with cushions (no upholstry!), along the bay window with a chair or two on the other side of a round pedestal table.

We're closing on the 18th (and moving out of this wretched apartment 5 minutes later!) so home decor and furnishings are on my mind.


Marlo said...

I know I mentioned Ballard Designs- but another place you might try is that Wood Shop- I don't even know the name of it- over by Blockbuster/Tuesday Morning off Abercorn? If he doesn't carry something in the store, he has catalogs of things and can make practically anything- and it's all solid wood.
Pier One has a table on sale right now that is similar to the top picture- so maybe a combination of that and the Wood place? Or Craigslist is always a good place to check too.
So fun!

MelanieB said...

Hi, Emily! This is Megan's sister. Don't forget about Denmark's Furniture in Brooklet. They have a huge selection and not bad prices. The furniture that comes from there is always good quality, and it's kind of a fun day trip. Only about an hour drive. Good luck!