Going Green for God ?!

Something is brewing and it isn't the Fair Trade coffee I bought this morning at Sam's Club: it's a developing concern and an increasing level of consciousness about the environment around here. Unsure of where this concern this coming from or moving towards, the gnawing sense of "What-do-I-really-believe-about-all-this-green-nonsense" needs to be explored. So I'm committing to thinking, praying, educating myself on the topic. And while I'm at it, taking small steps towards a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Thinking/praying/educating Step 1: Read the The Cornwall Declaration on Environmental Stewardship, a declaration on the environmental movement created by / subscribed to by Cal Beisner, one of my college professors, and a notable list of other academic and religious greats and thoroughly peruse the Cornwall Alliance website

"Doing" Step 1: Recycle all the boxes and packing material used in our move. Borrowed by aunt's cargo van to make the process more efficient. Will save gas AND some trees. One load down, about 3 more to go

Oh, and if you stop by our house and ask for bottled water, you won't find it. I'll pass you a water bottle from the dollar bin at Target and you can fill it up with water from the fridge filter.


Joy Hancock said...

Hey Emily!

If you stumble on some good sites/blogs with creative ways to "go green"...please share with your readers! Of course, freecycle.org is a GREAT way to recycle those things that still have some value, but not enough to sell.

LOL, my mom is proud she still has some of the Moving Company's book boxes that she paid for back in 1988 when we moved from MI to SC. These 20 year old boxes have helped move my parents two more times plus some of my sisters' and my moves! Crazy fun.

megan said...

We gladly drink water in our own bottles as well, except since the toxic plastic scare in the media, my husband (paranoid, I know) has converted me to Sigg bottles. Oh, and a special #2 plastic Nalgene. Sigh!

Marlo said...

I'm not entirely sure where I fall on the scale either, Emily. Though I'm definitely all about using/recycling old before buying new and not buying water in bottles either. And now with our diesel/vegetable oil using car we're becoming quite the green family over here! :)

Sarahbeth said...

well, you know me and my sling wearing, nursing all the time, cloth diapering self! Missed you this weekend--we could've eaten some edamame and composted our trash.