Did anyone else hear about this? I receive John Piper's weekly newsletter and here's the one from yesterday...warning: tissues may be needed.

What I Said at My Granddaughter’s Funeral
A Granddaddy’s Thoughts

September 26, 2007
By John Piper
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I had the privilege of sitting with my family while Tom Steller and Sam Crabtree ministered to us at the funeral of Felicity Margaret Piper who was stillborn at full term on September 22, 2007. Her father Abraham asked me to speak for five minutes on “A Granddaddy’s Thoughts.” Here is what I said.

I didn’t know Felicity Margaret. My experience of her life was entirely through other people for nine months. And my experience of her death, even though it was physically immediate and touchable, has been emotionally experienced almost entirely through other people.

So at this moment, what it means for me to be Felicity’s grandfather is that I am living this loss almost entirely through other people’s experience of this loss. And because of my love for all these people, there is a powerful sweetness in this pain.

Being Felicity’s grandfather means that I have tasted her loss through my daughters-in-law, her aunts Shelly, Melissa, and Lesley. The measure of her worth and the greatness of her loss have been written on your faces, and they are the more beautiful for it.

Being Felicity’s grandfather means that I have felt her loss in the shattered expectation of her aunt Talitha, my daughter. It was not easy to go to school on Monday. But you and Mommy made a good plan with the school counselor to inform the teachers and students. And now, in a way you never expected, your heart is knit together with Dasia whose little brother Zach was killed by the dog a month ago.

Being Felicity’s grandfather means that I have felt her loss through her uncles and my sons Karsten, Benjamin, and Barnabas. I broke the news to each of you and watched all your plans change. You are good brothers to each other. And I cannot tell you how much I love the tears and embraces of strong men.

Being Felicity’s grandfather means that I have felt her loss through her grandmother, my wife Noël. Strange and wonderful. Your tears came slowly and have increased. Mine came quickly and have decreased. Almost the story of our lives. Thank you for knitting Felicity’s blanket, and weeping as you decided to give it to her anyway.

Being Felicity’s grandfather means that I have felt the loss through her mother, my daughter-in-law Molly. For her entire life she depended on you more than anyone. You fed her, you cleansed her, you supported her, you protected her, you knew her better than anyone. The grace that God has given you to love her greatly and let her go is amazing. Christ is on display in your life.

Being Felicity’s grandfather means that I have felt the loss through her father, my son Abraham. The words from Saturday morning’s phone call are cut into my heart, “Daddy, we lost the baby.” Nothing, Abraham, has gone deeper inside of me than your loss.

Being Felicity’s grandfather means that I have felt the loss through her great grandfather, my father Bill Piper. And this experience is totally different from all the others. In this case, the loss is all gain. My father died six months and sixteen days before Felicity did. I believe the blood and righteousness of Jesus Christ covers the sins of all who trust him and all who are not old enough to trust him here but will trust him later.

Therefore, I believe Felicity and her great grandfather met each other early Sunday morning in the presence of Christ. And my father said, perhaps, “Hello, Felicity. I’m your great grandfather Piper. Come, there is somebody I want you to meet. His name is Jesus. He’s the reason you’re here. You don’t need to be afraid. Your Savior has led you all the way. And Jesus does all things well.”


Here we go!

I'm happy to report that we are having another boy! Yep, in spite of how sure I was that this one was a girl (I feel completely different than I did with Charlie!), it's a boy for sure. Though I'm scared to death of being a mom of two such little boys (Charlie really tries to kill himself and destroy our home daily :)), this is truly wonderful news. I'm sure they will love having each other to play with and fight with and at least I won't be torn between sword fighting and princess dresses! :)

He received a clean bill of health - everything looks good and he is developing normally and on schedule for his 2/21 arrival date. This might sound trite to some of you but a baby growing and developing normally really is a miracle and with Charlie, we were informed of potential kidney problems during this ultrasound so it was such a relief to hear "Your baby looks great!" God is so good to bless us with this new baby and we stand amazed at his greatness in forming him.

Psalm 139...
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
15 My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,
16 your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.


I haven't written in awhile because, to be honest, I have nothing anything new to say...Charlie is still sick, still not napping, I'm still tired, etc. I'm not sure if this is a different bug or just getting worse but last week he got a chest cold. So he had to miss "school" and I had to miss my Friday morning Bible Study. Then we had to miss out on hanging out with friends over the week-end while we were in Savannah for Ryan to work and I had to miss church. You get the idea. He is still coughing and wheezing, in spite of having breathing treatments four times a day and a round of steroids. I'm starting to think that medicine doesn't help (no offense, honey! :)). So anyway, here were are in the midst of Week 4 of illness and yesterday was a bad day. A very bad day...Charlie slept hardly at all, cried most of the day, whined for me to hold him for long periods of time, etc. And my attitude left much to be desired, to be honest. So after crying a lot, receiving a loving lecture from Ryan :) and just doing some thinking, I decided that no matter how much rest I'm getting, I just need to get up a little earlier to get a head start on the day before Charlie wakes up in the morning. So today, I got up "early" (6:30 a.m. may seem late to some but not to this pregnant momma!), spent a few minutes reading and praying, ingested some caffeine and watched Today, got dressed in some lovely gym attire, brushed my teeth and when I got Charlie out of his crib, I felt much more ready for my day. It really is worth it to get up earlier than your family. I guess Proverbs does have a few good pointers! Anyone else out there come to this same conclusion?

Speaking of Proverbs...a few months ago, I started out on my own quest to discover what the Bible has to say about women and their roles and responsibilities. I really honestly can't stand the normal Christian "Woman" books (anything by Elizabeth Elliot being an exception). I have yet to read even one that I like or would recommend to others. For once, I wanted to know what the Bible says instead of reading what everyone else thinks the Bible is saying. I started with Proverbs 31 (of course) and haven't left yet. There is so much in this passage that I'm really taking my time and trying to apply it to my life right now. I highly recommend a slow reading of this chapter and Matthew Henry's Commentary on these few verses.

In other news, this Thursday we have the big ultrasound, the one where the sex of the baby is revealed. Boy or girl, I'll be happy for either. I just want a healthy baby.

The picture...during a 48-hr respite from illness a week or so ago, Charlie enjoyed his first lolly pop at a friend's birthday party. Needless to say, he loved it!


Dear Sesame Street

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know about my disapproval of a recent broadcast / recently released DVD. The broadcast I’m referring to was focusing on the family but unfortunately, I’m not sure of the exact name. In any case, the show was interesting, educational and stimulating for my eighteen-month old son (who is, by the way, totally obsessed with Elmo) and for that I thank you.

However, one brief clip ruined not only this episode but my entire opinion of and trust in the Sesame Street organization as a whole. In this clip, different types of families were being showcased: families with one parent, families with two parents, families of different races, etc. This was all fine and good until a picture of a family with two mommies and two daddies appeared on screen. This to me is completely unacceptable – not only is this type of family not yet mainstream: it is not even legally sanctioned! As far as I know, same sex parents cannot yet adopt children jointly. Additionally, neither the federal government nor the majority of our states have yet to embrace homosexual marriage. Same sex families are against my moral and religious beliefs and it is for this reason that I primarily object to this clip. However, I also object based on the facts above: this type of family is not yet mainstream or legally sanctioned in this country. We must draw the line somewhere and I insist that it be drawn based on legal precedent. If not there, where is it drawn? Should I expect next week or next year to see a picture of a mother, horse and child displayed as a type of family?

I also believe that Sesame Street, as a non-profit organization, should be less focused and engaged in current political hotbeds and more focused on its primary objectives:

"The [Sesame] Workshop is committed to the principle that all children deserve a chance to learn and grow; to be prepared for school; to better understand the world and each other; to think, dream and discover; to reach their highest potential."

Advocacy entertainment is not appropriate for young children, and on controversial issues, I prefer that the education of my children be left to my judgment and guided by my moral standards. By engaging in this very controversial social battle, Sesame Street has abused the trust and lost the respect of many parents across the nation and the world.

I take this issue quite seriously and request a response to my concern at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance for your attention to this very important matter.

Submitted to


Antibiotics - Week 2

We are on Week 2 of yet another round of antibiotics for Charlie. The nasty summer cold he sported during our beach week turned into a horrific ear infection last week. Poor baby, I didn't catch on that he was still ill until he a) had a 103 degree fever one afternoon and then b) was up for 3 hours in the middle of the night, crying. This child slept through the night (9 hours) at 5 weeks and has continued to sleep 16 hours a day since then. I'd estimate that he has been awake in the wee hours about 4 times since he was 6 weeks old. So I definitely knew something was wrong. We went to the doctor last Tuesday (as in a week and 2 days ago) and left with a diagnosis of an ear infection, soar throat and sinus infection. After a day on his medicine, he rallied and we enjoyed a few days in Savannah while Ryan was in AZ, studying for his upcoming Pulmonary boards. And then this week...more sickness. Charlie has refused to nap, refused to play and so finally, back to the doctor today for us...the ear infection is back in full force. So he received an antibiotic shot and a prescription for yet another week's worth of antibiotics. :( AND an appointment with an ENT surgeon for a tubes consultation, this being his 10th ear infection or something like that. So...this is a request for info. Anyone out there dealt with tubes? Do they help? Are they a pain to care for? Is the procedure to insert them just awful? Three straight weeks of antibiotics and a shot is certainly not a walk in the park so I'm ready to explore alternatives. :)

Also, anyone have any tips for the awkward 18-month stage / dropping the morning nap? It's not going so well for us!