Where are they coming from?!

Our precious little Elliot is named after one of our heros, missionary Jim Elliot. And the name means "The Lord is my God" - what more could you want for a kid name?

When we decided on this name for our second boy, I had never personally met an Elliot, an Elliot or even an Elliott. The only Elliot that even came to mind was the angry and somewhat unstable crime-fighter Elliot Stabler. But now, four months into having a son named Elliot, I am finding them everywhere.

- One week after Elliot's birth, met a lady in Babies R Us, shopping for her toddler son Elliot

- Two months ago, first week in Savannah, found out that a new friend's baby is named Boaz Elliot

- One month ago - new RUF minister for SCAD arrived in Savannah with 2-year old Elliot in tow

- Two weeks ago a kid was born into our church - Elliott

- Found out that a close friend of my brother-in-law just named his new baby Charles Elliot (??)

- Tonight: randomly surfing on-line and found a website where a mom was commenting on her son, named what else? Elliot.

I suppose originality is overrated anyway. At least our Elliot is darn cute.


If there was ever any Moody news, this is IT!

Ryan's GRADUATION banquet was last night...and tomorrow is his last day of work at MCG.

Ryan is finished with his fellowship.


4 years of college

4 years of medical school

3 years of residency

3 years of fellowship

14 years of post-high school training completed.

You've come a long way honey...

and we are so SO proud of you!

(I couldn't resist posting this picture! Don't hate me, hon!)


A Tale of Two Mornings

Last Saturday and Sunday morning, I had to leave the house by 9am. Saturday morning Charlie had a birthday party for a friend and Sunday morning, of course, we had Sunday School and church. Ryan worked all week-end (leaves before 6am) so I had to walk the dogs, dress and feed the children and myself, and load up the car solo both mornings. None of these things were too unusual, except the fact that it all had to take place before 9am...

Saturday morning:
Bad night's sleep. The gals upstairs "work the night shift" (I think that they are strippers but that's another post) and pounded and stomped around pretty much all night. So after Ryan left at 5:45, I fell back asleep and woke up to Charlie's calls in the monitor at around 7:50. Oh dear, short on time and just getting started on the day! So I started running around like crazy, showering, fixing breakfast, nursing while eating, drying hair while putting on make-up (not a good idea, btw), packing all the supplies required to take two kids in diapers out for the entire morning, etc. During this time, I did not speak one word to Elliot and managed to snap at Charlie about 5 times (and did I mention yelling at the dogs?). And this time, he wasn't really doing anything to deserve those snaps - he just wasn't moving fast enough for my liking. I'll leave out the details of my grumpiness and impatience and it's effect on my family but suffice it to say, it was not a pleasant morning and Charlie and I were both sad and quiet on the trip "into town" (we live in a suburb of Savannah right now and doing anything in Savannah requires about a 30 minute drive and two major highways).

During the drive into Savannah, I prayed and reflected on the chaotic and very unpleasant nature of the morning and realized that such a morning was an un-blessing to my family. Not only was I not taking the opportunity to enjoy and love on my babies but I was really making their lives not very pleasant with my silence and brusque attitude. It was as if the Lord was speaking directly to me and saying, "Look here, it's not Charlie's fault that you chronically underestimate the time it takes to get out of the house in the morning. It's not his fault that he's still only 2 years old and can't help. You need to get up earlier and be cheerful!" I have purposed in my heart to get up earlier in the past and have loved the effect it always has on my day. But living in the apartment, I have just been so tired. We sleep on cots on the floor and that fact, combined with the aforementioned upstairs neighbors, make sleeping really difficult. So I have been overtired and not into getting up a second before it's necessary. But in spite of that, I decided to try getting up early on Sunday...

Sunday morning:
Bad night's sleep. The gals upstairs "work the night shift" and pounded and stomped around pretty much all night. So after Ryan left at 5:45, I fell back asleep and woke up to my alarm at 7:00. I first spent some time reading and praying and then took a long, leisurely shower and then read The Screwtape Letters (we are studying it in SS this summer) while I dried my hair. I then got Elliot up, dressed him and fed him before Charlie was even up. Much more reasonable and relaxed, to have an hour to eat, dress just one person and load the car. We were early to Sunday School.

So I'm back on the get-up-before-the-kids bandwagon. I was a blessing to my family Sunday morning. And that is worth more than a few extra minutes of shut-eye.

A mother's part in sustaining the life of her children and making it pleasant and comfortable is no triviality. It calls for self-sacrifice and humility, but it is the route, as was the humiliation of Jesus, to glory.


A Deal

Ever since the first Spring-ish issue of People Stylewatch arrived in my mailbox (yes, I'm a subscriber!), I have been dying for some gladiator sandals. Gladiator sandals evoke rather strong emotions in most people - you either love them or you hate them. I'm a lover, Ryan is a hater. Regardless, I wanted a pair; a black pair, like these on Piperlime (bad name for a shoe company, by the way). Badly. But not badly enough to pay $100+ for them. I'll invest in a good pair of Danskos or some tall black boots but something tells me that gladiator sandals do not have staying power in the fashion world so it seemed silly to spend the big bucks. And then this week-end, I spotted Old Navy's version for a mere $19.95!! Finally, the coveted summer shoe was within my grasp. I purchased a pair yesterday, the last pair in my size!
And for fun, can you guess which is the designer pair and which is the Old Navy knock-off?

Picture 1 -

Picture 2 -

[And even if you can tell, is the difference worth <$100?!]


My Kitchen

Lots of people are asking about our house...decor, when it is going to be ready, etc. So in the spirit of writing about what people are actually interested in, let's talk about my kitchen.

Here is the picture that inspired our selections -

Our cabinets are wooden, stained white. The countertops are Corian Nocturne (I'm kind of scared of granite, so we decided to go with Corian instead). We don't have the cabinet with basket cut-outs there on the end but I really like the "natural" feel of baskets so we'll be accessorizing with the Artisan Basket and Stand from Southern Living At HOME -

My favorite feature of the kitchen area is the Butler's Pantry. This area in our home features the same cabinets and countertops as the kitchen and when not in use for displaying or serving food, I'm going to use it as my little office nook. The cabinets will have an opening the middle for a stool or chair; I'm hoping that this beauty from Pottery Barn will work in that space!
So there's our kitchen. I absolutely cannot wait to cook there. And my beautiful red stand mixer needs a home!
Note - In spite of the fact that this new house is very near the marsh, we will not be displaying the word "Sea" on the counter.


Funny Fridays

A new tradition? Not sure yet. But regardless, enjoy!

Hillary and Obama were in a boat going down the river. The river was extremely rough. The boat suddenly capsized. Who was saved?




While I'm pondering my new identity, I'm going to buy some time via a foray into one of my new favorite past times - decorating! Building a new house and getting into Southern Living At HOME have both contributed to this new obsession. And combined with my somewhat OCD personality, this translates into lots and lots of time pouring over magazines, websites and televised decorating shows.

Today's topic: the master bedroom and bathroom

The master bedroom is going to be painted Brookside Moss (from last season's Pottery Barn color wheel. Aside: potterbarn.com really is a treasure trove of decorating ideas - flower arranging, paint selections, room-by-room decorating ideas and tips and more). Bedding is still TBD.

The master bathroom is currently painted Passive (a nice neutral shade of gray), along with the rest of the house (builders charge an insane amount of $$ for additional paint colors so we are painting the rest of the house ourself, as time and the budget allows). I'd like to paint it either Minced Onion or Limesickle, to coordinate with Brookside Moss. I'm leaning toward Limesickle since it's a Pottery Barn color (my assumption is that if the Pottery Barn designers like it, I can't really be making a decorating faux pas). The floor is white ceramic tile, the cabinets are stained black and the countertop is white marble. I like that combo but I have been feeling like something was missing...UNTIL TODAY when I spotted this picture on (what else?) potterybarn.com -

I. LOVE. IT. And while the cabinets and countertops are reversed in my bathroom, I think it will still work. And maybe I'll even use White Heron instead of Limesickle. How easy can you get?!

Like it? Hate it? Suggested changes or improvements?


My blog needs a facelift!

My blog needs a facelift. Badly. I am feeling the need to reinvent myself and this sorely-neglected "hobby" of blogging (can something this marginalized even be considered a hobby?). I need a blogging identity.
From the link above:
"The benefits of your blogging identity are:
Loyal readers. They will get to know you better and relate to you. [em] Do I have any?

Separation from other bloggers. Your identity is what will make you unique. [em] My blog is negative-unique, hence the doubts about having loyal readers.

Allows you to cover common topics in an uncommon way. Not every post you write has to be on an original subject when you have your own approach. Even on topics that are widely covered you will be able to present information in a different way. [em] Thank goodness original thoughts are not required! Two kids later, I'm definitely running low on original ideas!

Brand yourself. Your identity will allow you to brand yourself so that your readers will immediately associate certain characteristics with you and your blog. [em] THIS is what I so desire.

People will actually read your posts. Most people tend to scan when they’re reading online, but people will want to read what you have to say. " [em] Really?
Summer Project - Develop a blogging identity.