A Very Domestic Christmas

I GOT A SEWING MACHINE (and sewing lessons) from my dear husband AND A KITCHENAID MIXER from his dear parents! I couldn't be happier. I'm right now making my first creation in the new mixer: my friend Amy's whole wheat pizza dough recipe. I hope it turns out OK. So far, so good but we haven't tasted it yet. :)

We had a wonderful Christmas (more on that later) and so enjoyed having Charlie. Too bad the little guy is sick AGAIN and we think he has RSV. :( He's right now crying and coughing his little head off. So the lengthy Christmas post will have to wait until he's feeling better.


maryanne helms said...


I too got a new sewing machine for Christmas. My old one just wasn't working too well for me anymore...the tension was all messed up. I have some beautiful striped silk fabric, ordered a year ago, waiting to be made into curtains for our front living room. But, where is the time?:)

Marlo said...

poor little guy! We will be praying it's not RSV.