We're back up and running, finally and thankfully. We were all technically back to normal by late Thursday evening but it really was quite a ride. I couldn't resist taking a picture or two to document -

Friday took us to Savannah for Ryan to work all week-end, unfortunately. Weak and still realing, we crawled to Savannah and did our best to just make it. And we did...returning home at 10:30 or so Sunday evening. Whew!

But now we are in full Christmas mode and ready to prove it!

A few fabric trees I whipped up to decorate a cofee table.

Charlie's stocking, finished a few weeks ago:

And the mantle, adorned with all three new stockings!
During the Charlottesville years, Jill and I decided to start wrapping our Christmas gifts thematically. I've been doing it ever since. This year, red foil paper with gold ribbon (and when I ran out of red paper, last year's screen stepped in to fill the gaps!)


And We're Down

Yep, all 3 of us, well, 4 of us. With the stomach bug. Thankfully I have the mildest case of all. I'm not sure if that's due to necessity or the grace of God. Who take care of Mama when everyone else is sick? Literally 22 diapers and a trip to pick Ryan up from work later, I'm about to succumb to terrible stomach pains and achi-ness. Let's hope we all make it through the night!

One final thought: THIS is WHY we are moving to Savannah - I need someone to help ME!


Just a quick question

Just a quick question for all of you homeowners...anyone out there have a downstairs master (with the kids' rooms upstairs)? If so, how does that work? OK? Not OK? General thoughts on this issue? In trying to pick a floor plan for our next house, this is a recurring theme. I can think of pluses and minuses...

Thanks for your help!