We're back up and running, finally and thankfully. We were all technically back to normal by late Thursday evening but it really was quite a ride. I couldn't resist taking a picture or two to document -

Friday took us to Savannah for Ryan to work all week-end, unfortunately. Weak and still realing, we crawled to Savannah and did our best to just make it. And we did...returning home at 10:30 or so Sunday evening. Whew!

But now we are in full Christmas mode and ready to prove it!

A few fabric trees I whipped up to decorate a cofee table.

Charlie's stocking, finished a few weeks ago:

And the mantle, adorned with all three new stockings!
During the Charlottesville years, Jill and I decided to start wrapping our Christmas gifts thematically. I've been doing it ever since. This year, red foil paper with gold ribbon (and when I ran out of red paper, last year's screen stepped in to fill the gaps!)


Marlo said...

Look at how domestic you've become! I love it!
And I'm so glad you're all feeling better.
Happy New Year!

Jill said...

The thematic idea was yours; I totally copied.