While I'm pondering my new identity, I'm going to buy some time via a foray into one of my new favorite past times - decorating! Building a new house and getting into Southern Living At HOME have both contributed to this new obsession. And combined with my somewhat OCD personality, this translates into lots and lots of time pouring over magazines, websites and televised decorating shows.

Today's topic: the master bedroom and bathroom

The master bedroom is going to be painted Brookside Moss (from last season's Pottery Barn color wheel. Aside: potterbarn.com really is a treasure trove of decorating ideas - flower arranging, paint selections, room-by-room decorating ideas and tips and more). Bedding is still TBD.

The master bathroom is currently painted Passive (a nice neutral shade of gray), along with the rest of the house (builders charge an insane amount of $$ for additional paint colors so we are painting the rest of the house ourself, as time and the budget allows). I'd like to paint it either Minced Onion or Limesickle, to coordinate with Brookside Moss. I'm leaning toward Limesickle since it's a Pottery Barn color (my assumption is that if the Pottery Barn designers like it, I can't really be making a decorating faux pas). The floor is white ceramic tile, the cabinets are stained black and the countertop is white marble. I like that combo but I have been feeling like something was missing...UNTIL TODAY when I spotted this picture on (what else?) potterybarn.com -

I. LOVE. IT. And while the cabinets and countertops are reversed in my bathroom, I think it will still work. And maybe I'll even use White Heron instead of Limesickle. How easy can you get?!

Like it? Hate it? Suggested changes or improvements?


Candace Piepgrass said...

My only suggestion is to use Benjamin Moore paint if you can. I think it's the best, and the painter who did our house swore by it. We got paint swatches from Restoration Hardware and then found colors at Benjamin Moore that were close. Do you have Restoration Hardware in Georgia? I'm sure you do in Atlanta. Anyway, I like the bathroom and think the wallpaper on one wall is a nice touch. I'm not usually a fan of accent walls but in this case I think it looks great.

Jill said...

I do like the paper. But, I wonder about the practicality of putting wallpaper behind the sinks. I would think you might get spatters all over it. Wallpaper in bathrooms is tricky with all of the humidity. But it is a great look. And you bathroom sounds lovely.

Libby & Colin said...

ooh--i like it!