My Kitchen

Lots of people are asking about our house...decor, when it is going to be ready, etc. So in the spirit of writing about what people are actually interested in, let's talk about my kitchen.

Here is the picture that inspired our selections -

Our cabinets are wooden, stained white. The countertops are Corian Nocturne (I'm kind of scared of granite, so we decided to go with Corian instead). We don't have the cabinet with basket cut-outs there on the end but I really like the "natural" feel of baskets so we'll be accessorizing with the Artisan Basket and Stand from Southern Living At HOME -

My favorite feature of the kitchen area is the Butler's Pantry. This area in our home features the same cabinets and countertops as the kitchen and when not in use for displaying or serving food, I'm going to use it as my little office nook. The cabinets will have an opening the middle for a stool or chair; I'm hoping that this beauty from Pottery Barn will work in that space!
So there's our kitchen. I absolutely cannot wait to cook there. And my beautiful red stand mixer needs a home!
Note - In spite of the fact that this new house is very near the marsh, we will not be displaying the word "Sea" on the counter.


Candace Piepgrass said...

I'm dying to know what's so scary about granite? We've had it in our house for 3 years now and I love it. I'm sure the corian is nice too, but I've never been in a kitchen that had it.

ejm said...

Haha, I'm just scared of messing it up. When we were talking to the people at the selection place about it and they were saying how it has to be cleaned in a certain way and how wine, etc. can leave stains. And apparently the darker colors are eve worse and that's what we wanted. So that's why we went with Corian.

Libby & Colin said...

i love all the details about your home--i'm sure it's going to be beautiful! i know you're having a blast designing and decorating it.

gs said...

oh i LOVE it! so beautiful...

Jill said...

It looks lovely.

I like my granite too. The upkeep isn't too bad, but you do have to seal it every now and again, whereas other types of countertops don't require that.