My blog needs a facelift!

My blog needs a facelift. Badly. I am feeling the need to reinvent myself and this sorely-neglected "hobby" of blogging (can something this marginalized even be considered a hobby?). I need a blogging identity.
From the link above:
"The benefits of your blogging identity are:
Loyal readers. They will get to know you better and relate to you. [em] Do I have any?

Separation from other bloggers. Your identity is what will make you unique. [em] My blog is negative-unique, hence the doubts about having loyal readers.

Allows you to cover common topics in an uncommon way. Not every post you write has to be on an original subject when you have your own approach. Even on topics that are widely covered you will be able to present information in a different way. [em] Thank goodness original thoughts are not required! Two kids later, I'm definitely running low on original ideas!

Brand yourself. Your identity will allow you to brand yourself so that your readers will immediately associate certain characteristics with you and your blog. [em] THIS is what I so desire.

People will actually read your posts. Most people tend to scan when they’re reading online, but people will want to read what you have to say. " [em] Really?
Summer Project - Develop a blogging identity.


gs said...

i'm a loyal reader! :)

Marlo said...

You do have a blogging identity- You're a "mommy-blog" and your thoughts are always original. I enjoy reading what you have to say!

~Melissa said...

I have an RSS feed to your blog, Em. So, I read what you've posted within a few hours usually.

Megan said...

This picture scares me.

Jill said...

Frightening picture indeed! Yeah, you do need to post more often:) Also, you can sign up for Google analytics if you want to see how much traffic your blog is getting and from where. But I check just about every day. Think about it a while and I'm sure your focus would come to you. Just treat it like a thesis statement.