Menu Planning Mondays & Grocery Shopping with Young Children

We literally had *nothing* to eat in the house so I had to venture out this morning for a significant amount of food. And of course it was an adventure. We are limited to Publix and Kroger for these large trips as I haven't figured out a way to fit both kids and the groceries into any carts other than the kind that have little cars for Charlie. So Anyway, I chose my weapon (Publix) and headed out the door, bright and early. The car carts were waayyy in the back, stuck behind all the other carts. And of course the cart "dispenser" was right in the doorway. So I made quite a scene trying to wrangle Charlie, keep track of Elliot (patiently waiting in his carrier) and get the car buggy from the back row. The other customers trying to enter the store were not happy. One woman in particular GLARED at me and said in a very unkind voice, "Can you please move these carts" while acting as if she was going to literally run over Elliot with her cart. After I, in a very syrupy sweet voice told her that I was doing my best, she went into a discussion about she understands and has 6 grandkids. I ignored her as she showed no signs of being understanding or grandmotherly. Finally one older gentleman stopped, pulled out the car buggy, gave me an encouraging smile and told me have a good day. Thanks to him, I probably will.

And while I don't expect people to see me and offer to stop what they are doing and help me just because I decided to have two children so close in age, I do think that people could muster a little common courtesy in their interactions with me and other mothers with young children. In the future, I'm going to try to be more consciously polite to the strangers with whom I interact on a day-to-day basis. As becomes a Christian and a just a fellow human being who happens to be breathing the same air and occupying the same space.


This week's menu only covers up through Thursday. We are having out-of-town company this week-and I'll be doing a special menu for those days.

Tonight: Going to Todd and Marlo's for dinner; bringing Green Jacket Salad (my favorite)

Tuesday: Pecan-Crusted Tilapia with Seasoned Cheese Grits

Wednesday: Buffalo Chicken Salad

Lunches: leftovers, sandwiches and a new favorite around here, from a recent menu, Chili Corn Stack-up Salad (try it, you'll LOVE it)

Lemon Drips and Drops Smoothie
Abs Diet Ultimate Smoothie
Cheese & crackers


Katherine Maxey said...

wow! you're menu makes my mouth water (as does most mention of food these days :) and how annoying about the Publix trip? my Publix conveniently parks the "car" carts right out front so you have easy access. why don't you say something to the manager?

Libby & Colin said...

emily--ever put charlie in the back of the cart where the food goes? i can never maneuver those giant car carts, so that's where will sits...and he takes great pride in loading groceries on the checkout counter too...i'll take whatever help i can get :)

WASPy Girl said...

Am having your black beans (w/ brown rice) for lunch today. Am making the soup this w/e.