What do you do when a tropical storm parks itself near your town?


...Finger paint on the front porch (anything to get out of the house) and hope that it doesn't turn into finger painting THE front porch

...Unpack the rest of the boxes hanging around your dining / storage room (and stuff the contents into any available closet space; who has time to actually organize the stuff?)

...Paint the stained-white vanity in the kids bathroom pale yellow (we'll see how that turns out)

...Scrounge around for food and come up with some random combos (pancakes and shrimp anyone?)

...Use Clairol Nice N Easy Root Touch-Up to cover your grays (probably gonna wish I'd never done it but managing my ever-increasing batch of grays is another post)

...Read lots of children's books (and cry my eyes out while reading I'll Love you Forever)

...Take your 2 yr old upstairs and actually tell him to jump on the bed (gotta get the energy out somehow)

...Waste way too much time on the Internet

What do you do when the weather is too nasty to get out much? Would welcome any suggestions. Ryan is working all week-end and we are running out of options!


Megan said...

We are predicted to have rainy weather all weekend, so tonight, I'm making Gak! It might keep Ethan entertained for 10 minutes.

You could always drop the kids off at your parent's house... ha! I bet Dennis and Jane would LOVE that!

diber said...

my 3yo was entertained for 45 mins SOLID playing in the kitchen sink today. (Just make sure there's plenty of towels on the floor--it was totally worth the mess)