Home Decor: A very bold purchase

Our new house has proved challenging to decorate thus far, the great room / family room and playroom areas in particular. The family room space is a decent size but it is an awkward shape. Not having much furniture has turned out to be a good thing in that we have been able to pretty much start from scratch, using random hand-me-downs to tide us over while we pick and choose-and save-for furniture purchases. I have been doing a lot of on-line research and spending many hours thumbing through catalogs in search of our perfect "look."

This week-end we made our first big purchase - a loveseat and a sofa. In red leather. Yep, never thought we'd go with red but it was love at first sight.

And to balance the red and add some fun color, our next purchase will be an upholstered chair in some fun fabric. We'd love to add this Pottery Barn Fall Catalog cover girl to our complete the space -

but for the sake of our budget, we may have go for this Ikea chair instead. Like it? Hate it?


Sarahbeth said...

LOVE IT! And I agree you now need to find something soft and a little fluffy. Good shopping!

posey said...

hey..its posey! okay..... saw the pottery barn chair in the same catalog..was racking my brain trying to think of somewhere to put it in my house ( and hwo to afford it) i mean i like the IKEA one BUT I LOVE THE POTTERY BARN ONE!!!!

Ethan (and Mommy) said...

I like the Pottery Barn one better too, but my only hesitation in paying that much money for a chair would be the comings and goings of decorating trends. Your red leather set is something that has staying power, but what if 2 years from now you are sick of the Pottery Barn chair... that would be a lot of money spent for something you may end up disliking as trends change. I would probably buy the cheaper version from IKEA, OR see if you can find a business owner going to Atlanta to the Mart (is that what it's called? you know what I'm talking about). A friend of ours furnished practically her entire home with furniture from there and it was dirt cheap. Know any interior decorators who might be willing to let you tag along to Atlanta?