Tandem Diving - Is it a sport?

Just came to know this evening that there is such a sport as tandem diving. Is this a legitimate sport? Not sure.



Megan said...

Looks fruity to me.

Answer this for me... why do the divers always shower forever after each dive? Wouldn't a little rinse be enough to get the chlorine off? Maybe it's just "cool" to stand under the shower and giggle with your teammate for 10 minutes.

Marlo said...

I was wondering that about the equestrian event- I don't see it as an Olympic event.
But I can kinda see the tandem diving- having to exactly time your dives and make them the same height, etc....that would take exceptional skill, I think.

The shower comment is so true! Haha!

ejm said...

I'm thinking that these athletes might enjoy showering with other men. Just a thought (did I just type that?!).