I hear wedding bells!

Not my own, of course. Those are distant, faint, and barely audible. The wedding bells I'm referring to now are those of my dear friends Katie McKittrick and Janelle Bulicz! Janelle got engaged about 2 weeks ago and Katie just got engaged this past Saturday. Janelle, obviously in a hurry to tie the knot, has set her date: November 18. I just bought the bridesmaids dress on Saturday - a beautiful apple-colored strapless top and long straight skirt. Good choice, Janelle. This was my 8th bridesmaid dress purchase; Katie's dress will make 9. I'm shooting for 10 so I've nearly reached my goal. After these 2 weddings, I'm thinking of becoming a professional bridesmaid. I could sell my services on ebay. Just a thought...
Anyway, congratulations Katie and Janelle! I love you both and I can't wait for your weddings and all the festivities that will accompany them!

I've seen some blogs recently in which the writers briefly describe what's going on in their lives at the end of every post. I'll try to do that from now on, just because my life is just not that interesting and I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas for posts. :)

What I'm doing now:
Working! Life at the LexisNexis Augusta, GA office has really become quite hectic lately. I'm right now working on daily updates to lexis.com and preparing for a possible trip to Albany, NY at the end of the month to participate in a presentation for the gov't of NY. We are re-bidding on the contract.
Mothering: Charlie is doing really well. Still sleeping 10-11 hours a night and eating 5 times a day. He's starting to really change every week - he's about to roll over and is grabbing everything in sight. It's a really precious time in his little life and I'm enjoying every minute of it. He's still going to physical therapy twice a week for his head problem but we think he's improving. Keep praying if you think about it - he's not out of the woods yet. A collar, a helmet and surgery are all still possibilities.

What I'm reading now:
Before the Darkness Falls by Eugenia Price - the last book in the Savannah Quartet . Georgia just seceded from the Union so I can barely put the book down to do my daily activities. I wonder how it will turn out? :)
BabyWise II: Parenting your Pre-Toddler - I'm reading about how and when to introduce foods and what Charlie's schedule should look in these next few months. A fascinating read, let me tell you. :)
The Fruit of Her Hands by Nancy Wilson - I'm not the biggest Douglas (or Nancy) Wilson fan (I think he's a bit of a separatist and a chauvinist) but my mom (who is a HUGE fan of the Wilsons) gave me this book for Christmas so I'm giving it a shot. I have found good things in this book along with some things with which I simply do not agree. I think I'll do a formal book review when I'm finished with it so that's all for now. I'm sure you will be on the edge of your seat until that post is up. :)


Jill said...

Congratulations to both Janelle and Katie! Though I've not met either, I feel as though I know them both because you speak of them so often. That's such great news. You surely are quite the professional bridesmaid! Lorene has not chosen her dresses yet, and I'm sure she won't be for a while since I don't think there are many bridal stores on the streets of Baghdad. Emily, I thought you were now a part-time employee of Lexis-Nexis?!?

Emily said...

I'm technically a 30hr/week LN employee but it rarely turns out that way. Hence the reason I rarely get dressed and even more rarely wash my 'fro!

Jill said...

Keep that 'fro woofin! Even as a "part-time" employee it sounds like you are still being entrusted with more and more important jobs. Good for you!

Libby & Colin said...

Hey Emily--I never leave comments, but I promise I'm reading! I never did get that email you mentioned you sent...weird...You seem SO busy. I'm impressed you can get everything done! Are you staying at 30 hrs/week with work, or will that go down at all? Will Charlie go with you up to NY?

Jill said...

P.S. Too bad Albany is the capital of New York and not NYC!!!

Emily said...

fortunately for me, i just found out that i no longer have to go to NY. i asked that a co-worker go instead. albany is blah (there is only one hotel) and it is quite alot of trouble to make arrangements to travel just for a 3hr presentation. so a co-worker agreed to go for me this time.

Marlo said...

I can't believe Janelle and Katie are getting married! That's so exciting!
-And you are definitely a professional bridesmaid- but that just means a lot of people must love you. :)