Charlie at 5 months

This week marks Charlie's 5th month of life and I must say that he keeps getting more and more fun. Just when you think you couldn't love a little person that you haven't even known very long any more...

The doctor tells you to feed him prunes, because um, he hasn't "gone" in over a week. Now this is a kid who has never even had rice cereal. Prunes have been a disaster...and a really, REALLY big mess. The pictures prove it.

This one shows my cool lime-colored kitchen and Charlie's new toile highchair. :)

Here is my big 5 month old boy, smiling away on his blue shag rug.

And here's a final snapshot from today: Charlie with VERY red eyes hanging out in my office with me, likely wondering, "when is she going to get off that phone and put me to bed?"

Poor buddy, his head is getting better with therapy but we aren't quite there yet...


maryanne helms said...


Simply adorable. What more can be said about how rich your life is with Charlie in it?


Jill said...

On a totally unrelated note, Emily, I read on the Vera website that they were discontinuing your "Sherbert" pattern. So, you had better stock up! :) Let me know how your treadmill search goes.

Marlo said...

Those are terrific pictures! And the lime green kitchen and toile highchair are pretty cool. Hope things are going well!