I bit the bullet

and bought a treadmill. I am so excited and yet I cannot believe that I spent so much money at one time! Thank goodness for free shipping and payment plans. :) I do consider this to be a good investment, considering we spent almost twice the cost of the treadmill on our Omni Health and Fitness Club membership last year.

I spent several days last week-when I should have been working, cleaning or doing laundry-researching online and I finally settled on the ProForm line of treadmills. I chose this line mainly because of the free shipping and the "hot summer sales event" which gave me several options under $1,000. After changing my mind several times, I decided on the ProForm Crosswalk Caliber Elite which "is more than just a treadmill" as it also has the Crosswalk Upperbody Arms feature, supposedly providing an optional upper-body workout. A built-in fan, well-lit console (??), iFIT® 8-Week Weight Loss Program (??) and a 300-lb weight limit make this THE perfect treadmill for me. :O) It will arrive within 2 weeks (no wonder shipping is free).

Now all I have to do is decide where to put it. The garage is not really an option, since I won't be able to run until the afternoon after I've finished my work day. I think I might die if I ran in my garage in Augusta, GA in the afternoon heat. And I'm not exaggerating. The master bedroom is an option, albeit not a good one since it really has the best furniture we own (besides the coffee table from Walmart, of course) and a treadmill would most certainly spoil my decor. Any suggestions?


Marlo said...

Do you have a guest bedroom? Then you could just move the treadmill if a guest comes to visit but you wouldn't have to keep it in the master...though I think having a treadmill in the master is pretty common if you end up going with that. Definitely do NOT put it in the garage- besides- it needs to be in front of a tv, right? :)

Emily said...

absolutely! i NEED it to be in front of the tv. :) the guest room is unfortunately my office. we were hoping for a 4 bedroom house but alas, all we have are 3.

amy claire said...

Ooo, I'm jealous! Although, I wish I was more of a treadmill-er. I get bored too easily :) So it's 6am swims at our gym for me these days. Ugh. Hope you find the perfect spot for it!

Jill said...

Tyke wants to go on the treadmill.

maryanne helms said...

Yeah Em!

I am proud of you for splurging...you will be paid back greatly, I know. Gone are the two-hour gym productions...and the high fees. Can't wait to hear how everything goes....I love the arms feature, and the weight limit. See, you can let go now...as long as you don't creep up to three-hundred pounds, you're safe. Oh, and if you get to 33 pounds, be sure to snap a picture:)

maryanne helms said...

I meant to say if you got to 300 pounds, snap a picture, not 22. I doubt you'll be around at 33 pounds!