True Confessions

I have not gotten dressed for work since Charlie was born. There it is. My secret is out. I have attended phone conferences and delivered presentations in my PJs since I returned to work in May. I sincerely hope that none of my co-workers are reading this blog. In any case, I divulged this information because it is relevant to my newest endeavor: keeping my husband feeling loved and satisfied, my child fed and entertained, my house clean, my clothes freshly laundered, my personal interests/needs indulged, my work requirements met and my sanity intact. Now this is not really a new endeavor - I've been working on this feat (and posting about it) since May however, a new discovery (or rather an old discovery resurrected) has made this goal much more attainable: the flylady.

I was first introduced to the flylady by a friend in Charlottesville. This friend was a Domestic Goddess, if you will, and I really thought that, due to the personality of this friend, the flylady would never work for me. I never even gave her a chance because I thought, "I'll never be this anal; I'll never have a need for such a structured life." WRONG. Yesterday I was sitting at my desk, thinking about to get everything done, so overwhelmed that I couldn't even "do the next thing" as my hero Elizabeth Elliot recommends. Suddenly I remembered hearing about this website that helps women get organized and decided that I definitely had to try it out. But I couldn't remember the name of the site. All day long I tried my hardest to pull the name from the recesses of my brain but no dice - I could not for the life of me remember it! But then last night, as I surfing the net, I made my way to my friend the Marlo's blog and in one of the comments, someone mentioned the flylady! I could not believe it! I took that as a sign that I should immediately begin investigating the FLyLady's goods. So first thing this morning, I joined the group.

One of the more interesting tidbits I read on the website really confirmed my decision to try the FlyLady:
"Since starting this group, I have continually harped on putting your shoes on your feet each morning. I want you to do this and you are not the exception to the rule...I see this problem more in the SAHM (Stay At Home Moms) because often they don't have to leave the house and it is not necessary to get dressed every morning. Only their children are going to see them. I want you to listen very close. You have the most important job of all, raising productive adults. NOW, do you want your children to remember that Mom didn't get dressed until it was time for Dad to get home? Or do you want your children to have to answer the door because you are still in your gown tail and bathrobe? If you would look at your day just like the Payroll SHE and realize that the jobs around the house will take as long as you let it (all day in most cases because you allow it) and get off your "Franny" and get dressed all the way to shoes. Because it is time to go to work."

So it's confirmed: I need to get dressed in the morning and organize my life around the flylady.


Marlo said...

Woohoo! That is great. Now, I will warn you, the e-mails are horrendous. I don't know if you've already signed up for them, but they are crazy- so crazy that it might even be a good idea to set up a separate account just for those e-mails. (I don't get the e-mails anymore.) Just a heads up. But yes, flylady is Da BOMB!
(And so is Elisabeth Elliot<---also my hero.) :)

Libby & Colin said...

hee hee! elizabeth hill would be so proud :)

Emily said...

yah! libbs, you knew what i meant! :)

Jill said...

Now maybe you can have a perfect life too!!