What am I supposed to do when...

1 - the baby has been crying all afternoon and has only slept for one hour since 2pm AND we have small group tonight so he'll be a real treat for that
2 - i've been working ALL day and the work just keeps piling up instead of going away. i wish my email would break - go away, LexisNexis!
3 - the house keeps getting dirtier and dirtier, in my spite of my never-failing efforts to clean it.
4 - i don't get any closer to my old self (size-wise) in spite of my best efforts...and i'm still hungry!
5 - the gymn that i pay $55/month to attend has a 15 kid limit on the child care and the lazy worker says flippantly "sorry, we're full" after i've nearly moved heaven and earth to: feed the baby, dress the baby, dress myself (which is a feat unto itself these days), deal with the dogs, pack the diaper bag and drive the 20 minutes thru evans, ga traffic JUST TO GET TO THE GYMN THAT COSTS $55 PRECIOUS DOLLARS A MOnth to attend (sorry for yelling!)
6 - the brownies that i'm supposed to take to small group are about 1cm thick and burned around the edges
and, after a lunch of blue corn chips and cheese nachos, hebrew national hot dogs are on the menu for tonight.

what am i supposed to do?

obviously i'm supposed to stop and listen to my son's praise baby dvd:
"We are the broken, You are the healer Jesus Redeemer, mighty to save..."

Hhhmm, mighty to save the broken. i definitely qualify today. wow - simple answer to a really, really frustrating day...

thank goodness it didn't say "Emily, you are to heal yourself" because that definitely wouldn't happen.

maybe, because of just stopping to listen to the dvd, by the time ryan gets home, i'll be smiling as i serve the hebrew national hotdogs. and i may even break out some veggie chili to celebrate. :)


maryanne helms said...


So sorry you have had "one of those days". You have a lot going on right now- I can feel your struggle to balance in every post. I will PRAY for you this week. And about your size, you looked wonderful in the last pictures you posted. Give yourself a rest on that one. And I must encourage you, based on personal experience- surf craigslist or one of those sites for good used gym equipment. Hook up a treadmill in your garage, buy some hand-weights, and forget the gym. I found it was taking way too much time out of my day just getting there...

Emily said...

i am DEFINITELY going to take your advice. i cancelled my gymn membership and i'm buying a treadmill THIS week-end. thanks for your prayers AND your good advice - i'm glad you've gone before and i can reap the benefits of your wisdom.

Marlo said...

Oh Em- I totally feel you on this post. Mommyhood is the most challenging thing I've ever attempted- and you're adding the challenges of working on top of it all.
I agree with Maryanne about getting back to your former size- you really do look great and this stage of life is temporary. Charlie's not worried about your pants size, Em! :)

Jill said...

Sounds like your former gym deserves a strongly worded letter about how to treat their patrons. Good decision re the treadmill. I'm sure you will feel much better getting excercise time in. You skinny! If you're hungry, eat something (as Linda always says). Love, Jill