Home again

I must say that at times like this, I'm reminded that I am definitely aging. We are back from our trip to Daytona, sunburned/tan, tired and happy. We had a great time but I am so tired and so happy that tonight we get to sleep in our own bed! I'm sure Charlie is happy about that as well, given the fact that he slept in the closet while we were in Daytona! :) His parents can't sleep well with all the moaning and groaning that comes from his little person (for those of you who haven't slept near a baby, they sound like farm animals when they sleep), and he requires almost total darkness and a white noise machine to get his shut-eye. So into the closet he went and he slept great, just like he does at home. What a trooper.

Some of the highlights of our trip:
1 - Parasailing! We went parasailing on Wednesday and it was so much fun! I expected more of a rush since it has always seemed to me to be such a daring and exciting thing to do but it really wasn't scary at all. Quite the opposite, actually - it was surprisingly peaceful and quiet a thousand feet above the beach. The speedboat ride from the beach out to the boat was fun and take-off was a blast (you just sit down, all hooked up, while the captain speeds up and then the wind just lifts you off the boat). But my personal favorite part of the adventure was when the pilot repeatedly dippsed us into the water as the flight was ending. But I am left wondering...whoever thought to suspend humans from a huge kite and let them soar through the air attached via rope to a boat?

2 - ME TIME! For about 4 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, I was able to sit by the pool and beach and just read. Ryan's parents stayed up in the room while Charlie napped and I had the best time. I realized that I have not had more than an hour to myself since Charlie was born - 4 hours seemed like heaven.

3 - The food! Ryan's parents treated us to all their favorite restaurants and we ate so much. I'm going to have to go to the gymn every day until 2009 to work off all the extra pounds I packed on but hey, it was worth it. Our favorite place was a seafood/ribs/wings place called Charlie Horse. Ryan ordered the all-you-can-eat crab leg special and consumed over 2.5lbs of crab in one sitting. Needless to say, he was a little uncomfortable for the rest of the night! As for me, I ordered the ribs and they were SO DELICIOUS! By far the best ribs I've ever had. We highly recommend it.

4 - You can drive on the beach in Daytona! And not like you drive on the beaches of the Outer Banks in NC. Daytona is a crazy busy beach with tons of sunbathers, walkers, joggers, kids, fishermen and...drivers! It's very bizarre to see such heavy traffic on a busy commercialized beach but it was still neat-o. The parasailing shuttle drove us right down the beach, directly to the tent where we signed up. Very convenient. One more thing: the icecream truck even drives on the beach!

And now for the pictures...I admit they aren't the most magnificient pictures we've ever taken and posted but I know everyone prefers pictures to written blog entries anyway. :)

Charlie in his SPF 55+ beach garb - isn't he a pale little guy?

Ryan "scaring" Charlie with his crab legs

Ryan, his mom, Charlie and I hanging out on the beach

Dad and his little man

Charlie & Me

Charlie chillin' on the beach in his car seat

See, I told you the icecream truck drives on the beach!


Marlo said...

Looks like a blast, Em!
That's pretty crazy about driving on the beach. I'm glad you posted a picture, 'cause my mind couldn't imagine it. :)
You and Ryan look very happy as parents. :)

Jill said...

Is that a one-piece you're wearing??? My honeymoon bikini was the last two-piece I will ever own. Glad to see your hair is still long and that you're not opting for the "mom cut" even in the hot GA summer. Way to go! My fro is still "woofin" too. Love the vay-cay pics:)

maryanne helms said...

Love the pictures, Em. You look rested and happy in mommyhood. Thanks for encouraging me so well last week. I appreciated your comments so much. Let's get together soon!