Such is life

I've been "MIA" for the past week, unreachable via phone or email and (obviously) not blogging. There are 3 reasons for this:
1 - My phone broke last Wednesday/Thursday so I don't have anyone's phone numbers (I haven't memorized a phone number since I got my first cell phone in college). I can only call people that are on my speed dial and even then it works really unreliably.
2 - We just got back from a trip to Savannah and Jekyll Island, GA last night. And we didn't get cell phone service on Jekyll.
3 - A family crisis...I am still too stunned to really type much about this one so I'll paste an email that my brother-in-law David sent out this morning.

More on all of this later after I've recovered from the trip and the news below...

From David Gross:
"About 2 weeks ago Anna found a large bump on one of her breasts. About a week ago she had several needle biopsy samples taken to determine what the bump was. After 2 nerve-wrenching days we found out last Friday that the growth was benign (not cancer). All 7 samples that were taken were benign.
The bump is called a fibroid adenoma. It is already large, and the doctor said it more than likely would continue to grow. That, combined with the fact that Anna has a family history of breast cancer means that she will have surgery to remove it.
Her surgery will be next Wed. 7/11/06 at St. Joseph's. She will be put under, however, she will be able to come home that same night. So no overnight stay!
We covet your prayers that Anna's surgery & recovery would go well and that 100% of the growth is benign (they are 98% sure it's all benign, but they are never 100% sure until they take it out and examine the entire thing.)
Sorry for the mass email, but thankfully we have way too many family and friends to call everyone. Again, thanks for your prayers and thoughts, and I'll be sure to update everyone next week after her surgery. "


Jill said...

How scary, Emily. I will be praying for her. Love, Jill

Marlo said...

Anna has such a great outlook on it, too. Last night her words to me were "just a bump in the road."