Recent happenings

It's been awhile since I've posted and I'm afraid that I have nothing profound to say today due to my current state of exhaustion. Charlie and I just got back last night from a long week-end in Charlottesville. Yes, Charlottesville - the two of us flew to Cville on Thursday sans Ryan to attend the wedding of my closest Charlottesville friend, Jill Abraham (now Jill Hummer). It was a beautiful wedding and thankfully with the help of the Vietnamese seamstress down the road, the bridesmaid dress fit OK. Not my most attractive appearance as a bridesmaid but at least the dress fit. :) The reception was held at Farmington Country Club and the food was phenomenal - pear/gorgonzola/mixed greens salad, fresh asparagus, squash & zucchini, thinly sliced rare fillet, crab-stuffed chicken - YUM. And the wine was a shiraz, which is my all-time favorite.

I'm so happy that I was able to participate in the festivities but the week-end and traveling with an infant has left me more than exhausted. Last night I found myself crying in bed for no reason during Desperate Housewives. And I never cry during that show- watching it is my top guilty pleasure. :) I have to hand it to my little son, though. He was a trooper and still managed to keep sleeping great at night in spite of being away from home and for the most part out of his normal routine. I attribute that to a good disposition and his recently-developed fondness for a little soft frog blanket/stuffed animal/toy thing. He sucks on this little toy and falls right to sleep. It really is precious. As soon as I figure out how to upload pictures from my camera (or as soon as someone emails me some pictures!) I'll post some new pictures of Charlie (who was 8 weeks old yesterday) and some pictures of the wedding. Until then, goodnight blog.


amy claire said...

Way to go, Em. I would have never been brave enough to travel with B that early...much less travel alone with him....even now! It's such a pain having to mess up their schedule and all, but I'm proud he hung in there for you. And proud of you for appearing in a bridesmaid dress 8 weeks after giving birth!! Looking forward to seeing some pics of your growing boy :0)

GL said...

curious to hear more about the wedding. And to think I was here and you didn't get in touch. Tsk, tsk.

And bring Ryan next time. :) The doc and I need some hang out time.

Emily said...

I know, Glenn, I'm sorry. I was a bad friend! I was so swamped with the wedding and was so exhausted when I wasn't busy doing wedding stuff. I actually meant to email you before I left but it slipped my mind (I'm alot dumber after having a kid :)). So when are you coming to GA to visit us?