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Last week-end was a busy, busy week-end. We headed to Savannah for my Dad's surprise 50th birthday party on Friday night and Charlie's baptism and Timmy's graduation on Sunday. It was quite a week-end and I've spent the first part of this week recovering. Thankfully Ryan and I have a peaceful place to stay in Savannah - my Aunt Tricia has a beach house on Tybee Island where we always stay. It is really nice and has plenty of room for Ryan, Charlie and I.

Anyway, for some details on the week-end, keep reading...

My dad turned 50 on 4/30 but my mom was late in planning the party so we just had it last week-end. There were about 50 people there and my dad had a blast. The food was great - pulled pork, barbecue chicken and ribs. A friend of the fam cooked it all using his secret spice rub and it was fabulous. My mom set up a big tent and strung lights in it, making a pretty scene. The best part was that my sis and I traded babies and I got to spend the night holding my nephew Tyson while she and my other little sis Caroline loved on Charlie. :) It's so fun to have them both together!

Charlie's baptism...what a special event. I was not prepared for how moving it would be when we stood in front of so many friends and family members and committed our tiny son to the Lord. The implications of that committment are pretty profound and I'm still contemplating how it will (and should) change our lives. Charlie looked PRECIOUS in the vintage baptism gown I purchased and monogrammed with an "M" so that all our children can wear it. Later this week, I'm going to have the bottom of it monogrammed with his initials and the date of the baptism. I'll post some pictures when I have them but unfortunately I'm at the mercy of my technologically impaired father to send me a CD of the pictures that were taken (Ryan and I had a camera issue last week-end). For those of you who don't quite get this infant baptism thing, see my links section for an article explaining why we do it. :)

Timmy is my 18 year old brother, 4th Boatright child. I'm pretty sure he wants to be called "Tim" but I just can't get in the habit - he'll always be "Timmy" to me! Anyway, he graduated on Sunday from my alma mater, Savannah Christian Preparatoy School. Unlike me, Timmy graduation Summa Cum Laude (I only graduated cum laude :)). Timmy is going to University of Georgia this fall, to the animal sciences program (he wants to be a vet!).

We headed home Sunday afternoon after the graduation and an early dinner and I was SO sad to leave. Having Charlie has really made me want to live closer to my family, especially since Anna & David have Tyson. I really want Charlie to know his aunts, uncles and cousins, not to mention his grandparents! So for the first time, I found myself actually thinking that I might one day want to live in or near Savannah again. I guess we'll see what the future holds for the Moodys!

Quote of the day:
The quote of the day today is from one of our many trips down to Savannah on the ugly, 2-lane south GA highways. We inevitably get stuck behind a slowpoke, which makes an already tedious trip even more annoying. On one of those such occaisions, Ryan stated the following:

"You can never get in front of all the dumb asses." - Ryan Moody


maryanne helms said...


Good quote! I am glad that you enjoyed your weekend. Actually have been wondering whether you might head Savannah-way now that you have a family. Definitely makes family more important. Congratulations on Charlie becoming a Christian at baptism. That is so exciting! Just kidding...I am really not Catholic...just love their conecpt of magical baptismal waters:)

Ryan and Megan said...

Here's the link to the Semi-Pelagian Narrower Catechism that I was telling you guys about. I couldn't find your e-mail address so I hope this works.

Ryan and Megan


Emily said...

Oh my gosh, that is TOO funny!!! I'm going to write a post about that tomorrow and put the link in my "Links" section. I'm still laughing! This totally made my day. You need to bring a print-out to small group tonight! THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THE LINK!