Here we come!

Today is the first day of my blogging career. I have known this day was coming for awhile but I didn't know today was IT until I sat down at my computer and found myself googling the word "blog." When I first found out about this blogging thing, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. Posting your thoughts and day to day activities for all of the internet world to read and see? It seemed kind of creepy to me. And I just wasn't sure I'd have an audience. I didn't want to bear the lonliness of never having anyone visit my blog! But thanks to my blogging friends, I'm now a believer. I'm all for any modern convention that allows me to stay in touch with friends who I don't have the pleasure of seeing on a regular basis. And now that I have a child, a blog is the perfect place to post all the many pictures we have taken of him since his entrance into the world 6 weeks ago! :) So enjoy, friends! And be patient with me while I continue to struggle with the "creepiness" of posting - I'm slowly coming around!


conservative girl said...

your baby is absolutely beautiful

maryanne helms said...

Yeah Em-
Congratulations on overcoming your hesitations. I will be sure and comment here, so you will know that you are loved and significant:)


amy claire said...

Woo-hoo! Glad Maryanne and I could coerce you into joining the cool blogging crowd. Nothing a little peer pressure can't handle. Ha, ha...just kiddin. Seriously, it is fun to be able to read up on my friends now spread ALL over the country and feel like we're reconnecting in a lot of ways. Looking forward to hearing about your new life as a mommy ;0)

Emily said...

Thanks girls! I'm so happy my blog isn't lonely! Now I need to start commenting on your blogs...please know that my lack of commenting is not an indicator of my lack of interest. I'm an avid reader of both your blogs!

Anonymous said...

emily, i'm reading! keep it coming! love, libby

arun said...

hai emy!!
Its just gonna work great!!
I am watching your blog!!
I've also created a blog recently and i also thought who is gonna read!!
But it works!!
Do it!!