Non-Calvinists Beware!

My non-Calvinist friends should probably stop reading now as I don't want to risk losing your friendships. :) But for the Reformed readers out there, keep on readin'!

You all must, absolutely must, without delay, checkout this link:

It is by far the funniest thing I have read in recent weeks. Some really clever person (a blogger at that!) wrote catechism questions and answers satirizing the non-reformed faith. Now if there is by chance a non-reformed person still reading this entry, I know that you do not all hold to all of the different assertions made in the "Semi-pelagian Narrower Catechism" but the hyperbole just adds to the fun of it all. :)

Just to tempt you, here a few of my personal favorite questions and answers:

9. Q: What is the assurance of thy salvation?
A: The assurance of thy salvation is, that I know the date on which I prayed the Sinner's Prayer, and have duly written this date on an official Decision card.

29. Q: What are the seven deadly sins?
A: The seven deadly sins are smoking, drinking, dancing, card-playing, movie-going, baptizing babies, and having any creed but Christ.

28. Q: Who is on the Lord's side?
A: He who doth support whatsoever is done by the nation of Israel, and who doth renounce the world, the flesh, and the Catholic Church.

The answer to this last question reminds me of one my pet peeves: the fact that some (many, it seems) fellow Christians actually do not believe that our Catholic brothers and sisters are really Christians! It really gets on my nerves to hear fellow Christians talking like all Catholics are going to hell. I am pretty darn sure that there will be plenty of Catholics in heaven, just like there will be plenty of so-called protestants in hell! And whether we like it or not, the Pope speaks for the Christian West so we may as well respect and support him.

OK, enough ranting for today. Enjoy reading the catechism and be sure to let me know some of your favorite questions and answers.

Thanks to my friends Ryan and Megan Gordon for sending me this link - it made my week!

Quote of the day
The quote of the day is, of course, from the Semi-pelagian Narrower Catechism
36. Q: Who is the Holy Spirit?
A: The Holy Spirit is a gentleman who would never barge in.


Jill said...

Speaking of Catholicism, I'd like to pay tribute to Katie Couric's last day on Today. What does Katie Couric have to do with Catholicism? you may ask. Well, I still can't get over the Today show's decision to send the cast and crew to Vatican City, while Pope John Paul II was on his death bed (but days from actually being dead) to essentially wait it out until the second he passed so that they could do a live broadcast. A tad bit premature, Today, a tad bit premature...As premature as Couric's move to CBS may eventually prove to have been.

Marlo said...

Wow. Not only are we both blogging, but we both posted the semi-palagian thing in our blogs. Crazy.
(Mine is over at xanga- xanga.com/marlowho)
But shhhh I haven't told anyone else I'm blogging.
Can't believe I found your blog!

Emily said...

Marlo! Hooray! Happy to hear from you. Did you by any chance receive the semi-palagian thing from your husband, who received it from my brother-in-law, who received it from me? :)

Marlo said...

Yeah- I got it from David's e-mail. I was hoping it might stir up some of the Baptists who comment on my blog. I think the ones who were offended just didn't comment. :)
-and I found the xanga through a friend from college who started blogging there. Want to switch over there? :)