How do they do that?

A few minutes ago Charlie was fussing in his pack 'n' play so I went to check on him. Turns out he was randomly (and I do mean randomly) covered in pee. There were a few spots on his back, one around one of the leg holes of his outfit and one on the other front/side. And the diaper was not even that soaked. I have no idea how he could pee in so many different places on one outfit. I mean, if it was the whole front or the whole back or the entire outfit, that would be one thing. But these patches of pee? Ah, the mysteries of parenting boys. I bet this doesn't happen with little girls!


amy claire said...

SERIOUSLY!! No one EVER believed me that it was actually pee scattered randomly on Brighton's clothes! Matthew and I were dumbfounded time and again at how he managed to aim "it" at various spots on his outfit. I swear, one afternoon I found him in his crib with a spot on his UPPER back (nothing on the lower back), a spot above his lower left pant leg and a spot in the middle of his stomach. WHAT?! How he managed that, I'll never know. Glad to know he has a fellow "sharp shooter"-in-training :0)

Emily said...

I am so happy that someone else understands! It is the craziest thing!