At 36 1/2 Weeks...

One should not have to -

1) Scrub the porch floor, walls and ceiling with a mop and bleach

2) Re-organize the garage and attic

3) Lug objects of various size and weight half-way up the pull-down attic stairs

4) Repaint the corners of the kitchen (long story)

Note - my poor husband has done the most unpleasant jobs so kuddos to him...I'm just venting about the leftovers. :)

WOW. This is a very different pregnancy than I experienced with Charlie. At 36+ weeks with him, I was sitting on the couch, eating ice cream and feeling sorry for myself and going to the gymn and getting pedicures at my leisure.

In any case, we've done some prep work for Elliot, including assembling the bassinet Ryan's parents gave us for Christmas and purchasing some sheets for it. My newly-ordered double-stroller sits in its box in the garage, waiting for someone to find the time to assemble it. And my friends here were sweet enough to host a little shower for me on Saturday, making both Elliot and me feel very special. And miracle of miracles, we did remember to take a picture (the 3rd in 9 months). So by popular demand:

I'll be sure to post some pictures of his cute new monogrammed possessions soon.

Happy Sunday!


Candace Piepgrass said...

I think I was twice your size at 3.5 weeks. You tall people are so lucky!!! Sorry about all the home stuff. Isn't it awful trying to get everything ready to sell. Maybe all your hard work will cause you to go into labor early! Wouldn't that be nice?

Katherine Maxey said...

oh, I'm sorry Emily. Sounds like you have lots of excuses for demanding foot and back rubs, though. You look good at 36 weeks!

Megan said...

Wait a minute... I looked back at your preggie picture from November. Did you get smaller???

Not fair! I'm in agreement with your friend. Taller people get to carry better than shorter people. When you're short, there's nowhere for the baby to go but out in front... WAAAAAY out in front!

Sorry I didn't get to come to your shower. We had a WIC meeting at church, but rest assured, the baby will have a gift soon.

I bet Charlie wouldn't mind painting the corners of the kitchen. Give that kid a paintbrush and let him go for it!

Libby & Colin said...

you look fabulous, emily! what stroller did you decide on?