Things I can't wait to do once I'm no longer a human incubator: #2

I can't wait to RUN again!
I'm not one to run while pregnant. I hate the feeling of running on a full stomach and that is how I feel when I'm pregnant - yuck!
Just as soon as I'm able, I'm planning to break out the treadmill and start the Couch-to-5K Running Plan, which is what I started not too long after Charlie was born. And it was great! I have a lofty goal of running in three races in '08 - we shall see!


Libby & Colin said...

hey emily--what treadmill do you have? i desperately need to get my body moving again, and we're considering getting an ellyptical or treadmill... are you happy with yours? and when is your due date again? looking forward to the arrival of little elliott :)

Megan said...

I'm with you on that one! I can't wait to run again myself, although it will be 2009 before I can enter any 5Ks. My doctor told me it would take a little longer to recover from this C-section than the first. Yuck! But I plan to kick it out on some roads here as soon as I'm able! Will you be running with or without the kiddos?

Candace Piepgrass said...

That was also on my list, right after wine. I am happy to say I am running again and we're entered in the Ukrop's 10K on April 5th!
I've already started running, but it's been slow going. I'm getting a jogging stroller next week so hopefully I can start going more often.