I have been quite negligent about this blog and the primary reason for this is the sheer volume of news and happenings that I have to share. So my M.O. has just been do and say nothing blogging-wise and just try to keep my head above water. But I'm going to turn over a new leaf and start updating more often, which will hopefully help me to stay on top of all our news and not feel so overwhelmed...we'll see, especially since one of my New Year's Resolutions is to NOT waste so much time on the Internet! But that's another blog post...

The biggest bit of news is that we have bought a house in Savannah! Or rather, "commissioned" (is that the right terminology?) a house to be built. And we LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! The location is perfect (Isle of Hope area, just off Laroche, for you Savannah folks). We have been looking at two neighborhoods since around Thanksgiving, knowing that for a new house, we didn't have much time. I took a whirlwind tour of both developments during Ryan's on-call week-end in Savannah in mid-December and after that, we both new which was our first choice. So we went down to Savannah again last Thursday and Friday and looked at house plans and already-built versions of those plans in other neighborhoods all over Savannah; we discussed financing with the lender; we met with the builder and the agents; we walked around the property and finalized our lot choice; and at the end of the day on Friday, signed a contract. AAAHHH! We still have to finalize the exterior and some other details but basically, our decision has been made. We have another trip planned for the 21st to do our pre-construction meeting and pick out our floors/cabinets/counter tops/colors/etc and then we wait. They are going to try to have the house ready in June but it might be July before we can get in...which brings me to our next bit of stressful news: Ryan's job...

We had been thinking that he'd take July off to move, settle in, etc but just found out yesterday that that is not the case. His contract specifies a July 1 start date and they really need him to start then. So considering his fellowship technically ends on June 30, this is going to be um, interesting. This the end of medical training and the beginning of Ryan's "real job" is a monumental change / milestone for Ryan and for our family, the importance and significance of which is hard to describe and cannot be overstated. This is probably a bigger change than the others I've described and one that makes both of us more nervous than the others put together...

And then tonight, we met with the agents who are going to be (HOPEFULLY!) selling our house here in Augusta. For buyers, life is good. For sellers, not so much. And we are both right now. If we sell our house in the timeframe we need, it will be a miracle. Everyone, go ahead and put this on your prayer list right now. I don't want to own a vacation home in suburban Augusta! We are putting the house on the market on Jan. 28, as in the week after next. AAAHHHH! And we have to get it ready before then - clean out closets, clean the exterior vinyl siding (??), clean out the garage, deal with the carpet, etc. And then I'm going to be responsible for keeping the house in "show-worthy" condition while caring for a newborn and a wild 2-year old? I can't even think about that right now! I really can't believe that our 3 years in Augusta is nearly over...our first house, place where both our babies will have been born...but it's true - we have the FOR SALE sign in the garage to prove it!

So you can see why the last few weeks have been quite a blur and why I have been so absentee. My last really clear memories are of the week we were all sick (weeks like that are not easily forgotten!) And at 34 weeks, I'm feeling quite pregnant and am really starting to feel the stress of December / early January. I have been having lots of contractions and lots of just, um, discomfort, mostly due to being climbed on and kicked and pulled and pushed by wild Charlie! I have a sonogram tomorrow so we'll know more about how little Elliot is doing after that! From my perspective, he's strong and active! :)

Thankfully all of the tasks and trials that are before us do not have to be accomplished on our own...we have a God who goes before us; who fights for us; who is strong when we are weak; who promises to be our our Strong Tower, our Helper and our Shepherd; who loves us with an everlasting love and holds us with everlasting arms. He is also the One who accomplishes all things for us and works out all the details of our lives. We have decided that our verse for '08 is Psalm 127:1 -
Unless the LORD builds the house,
They labor in vain who build it;
Unless the LORD guards the city,
The watchman stays awake in vain.
We are clinging to these promises and really praying for grace to trust in the face of so many changes and such intense stress. We hope you'll come along side us and pray for us and rejoice with us!


diber said...

Oh emily, what a ton of stress!! But congrats on the new home/job/stage in life.

Go easy on yourself (I know, like you have a lot of choice). As best you can. I moved from New Orleans to Philly at 34 weeks pregnant, and had E at 36 weeks. Always wondered if the two were related. (although everyone's pregnancy is different...)

Candace Piepgrass said...

Oh Emily, as my grandmother would say "honey bless your heart." Seriously we will keep you in our prayers. As a mother of a newborn and as someone who sold a house (although it was in a seller's market) I feel your pain. I didn't do both at once so I can only imagine the stress.

Please let me know if I can do anything. I realize I'm in Richmond, so maybe the best thing for me to do is pray. I wish we lived closer! Keep us updated on the house.

Jill said...

Let's see: Your husband has a great new job, you're building a beautiful new home, you're moving back to your hometown, you have a beautiful son and a healthy baby on the way...What do you possibly have to be stressed about?

Now, if Ryan was jobless, your home was being foreclosed upon, and your babies were sick, then, yes, I'd say go ahead and stress.

ENJOY this time. You've really been so blessed!

Jill said...

Oh, and email me pictures of your house if you have them!! Can't wait to see. And I'm also very interested in all the homebuilding details such as countertops and backsplashes and whatnot.

Marlo said...

I am so so excited for you. But it stresses me out just thinking about all that stress! I really wish there were more I can do. But I can offer a place to stay in Savannah if you ever need it. (I know you have family here, but in case you end up needing to hop around for a while, while the house finishes up, you're totally welcome here.)
And I can offer babysitting when you are in Savannah. As for Augusta, one tip I have from selling a house with two small children- if you're in a pinch, get them set up in the car, with it running and a video if you have a portable player, and finish picking up anything before the showing.

If I think of anymore I'll let you know. :)

Katherine Maxey said...

Whew! We'll be praying. Sounds like a lot even when you aren't 34 weeks pregnant. Glad that this gets you one step closer to Savannah.... plenty of opportunities for visits once y'all are there!