And then there were four...

You may be wondering: is this their baby???!!! The answer is "No" 'tho we have one just like it! Yes, it's true - if all goes well, we will welcome a second Baby Moody on Feb. 21st and we could not be more excited...and nervous. Once again, many changes at once...new baby, moving, new house, new job, etc. But it sure keeps life interesting!

I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow and today I heard the heartbeat...and it almost stopped mine. Though I've done this all before, it still amazes me and brings tears to my eyes. Carrying a child is a privilege and an honor (even though there are many things about pregnancy that I detest!) and I'm thankful for the opportunity to do it again.

Those of you with multiple children...I'll soon be pestering you with questions and begging for advice!


Amy (Hall) Smith said...

CONGRATULATIONS EM!!!! That is SO exciting!! Levi's EDD was 02/10/07. Maybe your's will be turning +0 when Levi turns +1 :)
So excited for you guys and your move towards family. It feels good, doesn't it :)

maryanne helms said...

Congrast, friend!

How are you feelings? Nauseous? My advice to you: go ahead and rid thyself of the scale. Enjoy this pregnancy, don'yt let an extra 25 pounds stand in the way of a good time:) I know that can be a little stressful for us exercise aficianados, but it'll be your best move. I know, trust me:)

Katherine Maxey said...

Congrats Emily!!! Matt and I are so excited for you! My due date with Will was Feb 20th so that brings back lot of memories! We'll be praying with you during this time- keep us up on the details!

Libby & Colin said...

yoo hoo! congrats, emily (& ryan & charlie)! hope you're feeling ok... & let me know if you get good advice about double strollers :)

Marlo said...

Yay! And to think I could've been in the know before church had I just read your blog!
So so so happy for you all. I think Charlie will make an awesome big brother! (We had lots of fun with him in nursery yesterday.)
And since I'm one of those Moms with more than 1, let the questions begin! :)

Jill said...

Congratulations, Ryan and Emily!