Jesse Tree

Anyone ever heard of a Jesse Tree? I hadn't either, until we joined First Pres in Augusta. It's basically an Advent calendar but instead of each day providing a gift or candy or some other treat (along with a verse or some other spiritual token :)), the Jesse Tree provides the family with a picture to represent one of the many important promises or hints of the coming of Christ, starting all the way in the Garden of Eden. It is a tree, or a large banner with a tree, that is decorated each week, usually by the children, with ornaments or objects that represent Old Testament events from Creation to the Birth of Jesus. The ornaments are traditionally handmade and for us, the tree is handmade as well as I spent all morning at a workshop at church, carefully crafting our first Jesse Tree. I was there for 5 hours and still didn't finish the tree! It was quite a lot of work to make all the ornaments by hand...tracing, cutting, ironing, using glitter paint, etc. So while a picture of the finished product will probably have to wait until oh, November, here are some pictures of the ornaments.

And lest you think I'm too crafty, take a closer look at my WORST ornament - praying hands that look nothing like their namesake...

Happy Saturday! I'm going to take a nap to recover from all my hard work this morning!


Jill said...

Are you celebrating Christmas in July?

Anonymous said...

has charlie ever watched Praise Baby? Just bought one for Lilly Gayle after a friend suggested it, i hope she likes them but it seems like the music will be awesome....great to see you yesterday. as always you are adorable!!