Breaking News!

It has been quite a busy summer for us...and we finally have some big news to share! First of all, as I have mentioned briefly in other posts, Ryan has been totally immersed in the job search for the past few months...we've been to Greenville (SC), made several job-focused trips to Savannah, head-hunters have been emailing and calling non-stop. And we've been thinking and praying and thinking and praying...what a big decision! Ryan has been so stressed for the past month in particular, really feeling the pressure to make a decision. This is the fourth move we'll make together and the third city we are choosing but it feels different, much different - the other moves were temporary. We knew we'd be in both Charlottesville and Augusta for a mere three years. But this time, this move is permanent. We hope it will be our last and if not our last, our last for a very long time. I have tried to be supportive and helpful but silent on this issue...Ryan has committed 14 years of post-high school training (rigorous training, during what many consider to be the "best years" of one's life) to his career and I wanted this choice to be HIS to make. Anyway, in recent weeks he narrowed his options to two practices in Savannah, one private practice job and one hyprid of private practice and academics. And this is where he really began agonizing as both choices-very different from one another-are good opportunities. So to make an already long story short: we headed to Savannah last Monday evening (July 2) for him to meet with one of the practices and to enjoy some time with my family at the beach. On Tuesday morning he awoke early and headed for his meeting. Three hours later he called me and said, "Well, I have a job. I signed the contract." So it's now official - we are headed to Savannah next June for Ryan to join a private practice group! He is thrilled and believes this IS the job for him. And while we are are nervous, we really believe in our family motto: Nil desperandum Christo duce (where Christ leads never fear). And for the record: I'm so proud of and excited for Ryan - he's dreamed about this since he was a little boy. Congratulations, honey! I love you!

In other news, I gave my notice on Monday. My last day as a slave to corporate America is July 27. My conversation with my boss went well, even better than the best case scenario I could have imagined. He was so kind in his response and did express sadness (which of course I would want him to do after working so hard for so long! :-)). I was in tears by the end of our talk, realizing what a big step this was and how my life was about to change. I have not yet informed my co-workers, at his request, as we have a meeting Tuesday to discuss "alternatives" but regardless of what he has to offer, I've already made my decision. The sacrifices of time with my family and my personal sanity are just not worth it to me at this point. I've loved my job and been proud of my accomplishments but motherhood changes everything. And the kind of family we want to have does not allow for two stressful, high-pressure, all-consuming careers. I have been thoughts on this topic but those will come later... Charlie and my nephew - they are six months apart and they LOVE each other. It will be fun for them to grow up together in Savannah!

A blurry shot of us on the beach waiting for the fireworks to begin.
The sisters and their boys...looking a little tired. :)


Katherine Maxey said...

yeah Emily!! we're so excited for you guys- now we can all hang out when we come to sav to visit!- kat

Libby & Colin said...

that definitely is exciting news! congrats, ryan! i know y'all are thrilled to settle down for good & stop this crazy training process. we'll have to trek down to savannah sometime within the next few years & visit--i must admit, it is a little more appealing of a vacation destination than augusta :)

Marlo said...

So exciting. Are you going to be at Anna's this weekend?
And I'm also very excited for you and your relinquishing of the career to focus more on family. I'm sure that was a very hard decision!

maryanne helms said...

good news, Em. Congrats on a big decision made!

Jill said...

Congrats, Ryan!

Emily, you'll for sure be able to use your newfound free time to work toward your true ambition: becoming WIC President. You'll need to start collecting endorsements, polishing your public speaking skills, etc. asap.

Be on the lookout for a piece of mail from me.