So I didn't really quit my job. Somehow, after weeks and weeks of discussions, negotiations and the like, I gave in and decided to accept a position called "On-call Consultant As Needed." HHhhmm, we'll see how this works out. I'm officially in the system as a 5-hr a week employee. The jury is still out as to whether or not this arrangement is going to work. And due to all the negotiations, etc that have taken place over the past few weeks, my original last-day-of-work was not July 27, as I originally intended. Rather, last Friday was my last working day, with this Friday being the last day of my full-time position. It worked out this way as we didn't settle on this arrangement until last Friday, resetting my 2-week notice period. But thankfully, my boss allowed me to take this week as vacation. So basically, I'm getting paid through August as a full-time employee, though I only worked one week (because we are on a 2-week pay delay). In any case, as confusing as it has been and still is, today was my first day of freedom.

So I woke up with an excruciating migraine, my pregnancy treat Du jour. Last time around I was plagued with migraines until about Week 17. This time I've been plagued with severe nausea, preventing me from eating just about everything and now the migraines have set in. *sigh* But after one pain pill, one half of a phenergan and lots of water, I finally emerged from Migraine Hell. I was so excited to be feeling better that I celebrated by joining the YMCA, buying cleaning supplies from Dollar General (great deals can be found at dollar stores!) and buying one of just about everything at Super Walmart.

Tonight I rejoin the world of meal preparation. It's been frozen food for the past 6 weeks but tonight, I'm braving the kitchen and preparing
Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce and Roasted Sweet Potatoes, a Food Network / Robin Miller original. Normally I love her recipes, so I'm excited.

Currently reading (since I now have time to read !!): Rock Star Momma by Skye Hoppus, Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson and Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss (obviously NOT in order of importance).

Week-end plans...to Macon, GA for a friend's white coat ceremony (basically an initiation into medical school official ceremony).

Things to do this week...organize my office, work with Charlie on animal names and sounds, attempt to workout a couple times, get the broken door-lock on our ghetto Kia Sorento fixed.


Jill said...

Confusing work situation, indeed!

Are you sure you can go from practically barfing to buffalo chicken? Good luck with that segue. Sounds really good, though. Let me know how it turns out.

I thought you liked your Kia. What's its name?

Jill said...

Also, I've been meaning to ask this about your previous post: If it's not your baby, whose baby IS it? Did you cop a picture of a random uterus off the Internet? That's something I would do.

Emily said...

Jill...it is a random photo of someone else's child...but the baby was/is the same age as ours so I thought it would be OK. :) Next time I'll scan in some "real" pictures.

Jill said...

Good. Can't wait to see your uterus.

Megan said...

Might be time to trade in the KIA for a mini-van. You know you want to join the club... all the cool moms are doing it.