Just wanted to let everyone know that it is currently 101 degrees in lovely Augusta, GA. The heat index is only 106. It will hit 110-115 before this beautiful day is over. Yesterday we broke a high temp record from 1857. Eat that, Barry Bonds.

In Savannah, my previous and future home, it's only 97 but it feels like 110. In Macon, GA it's 99 but feels like 106. In Atlanta, it's 98 and feels like 105.



Glenn said...

Yes, it could. It's called a Baptist preacher's Hell.

Katherine Maxey said...

I grew up in Augusta so I feel your pain Emily....I can remember summers of 104+!! Must feel even hotter when you're pregnant!

Jill said...

It's not much better here, but not quite as bad as there. I went to the library so that I could be blasted by the high-velocity frigid air emitted from the overhead ventilation system.

Joy Hancock said...

Try it without air-conditioning and 90% humidity.

Actually it's not so bad here right now in West Africa--the rainy season helps lower the temp. But I'm really kinda anxious about the dry season. That's when my fair skin will go OUCH!

found your link on Amy Hall's site I think--hope you are well.

Marlo said...

Yeah...don't ask questions like that, Emily! We don't want to find out. :)
As to your week in Savannah- yes, we must hang out. Mall play place sounds awesome. And we also really want to have you all over to the house one of these visits. Let me know what works best for you. Yay!