What I'm doing today

Today my plan is to attempt to recreate this "look" from Pottery Barn using a $12.21 cabinet/small hutch purchased from Goodwill and a few shelves from Target. Wish me luck!
Note - my cabinet/small hutch has doors. Open, floor-level china cabinets and toddlers do not mix well.
I also spent the morning wandering around our neighborhood as today is the annual community-wide yard sale. I scored some Tonka trucks for Charlie for $1 each! Good deals put me in such a good mood...it's going to be a good day!
Happyp Saturday !!


maryanne helms said...


Can I please come over and see when it's all done? Good job, friend! I am posting a picture of my own garage sale find soon...for my bathroom also. A set of shelves to put my towels and toilet paper rolls on...bless me, it's so adorable! Thank you God for providing these special reminders of your personal interest in us....love you. p.s. you wouldn't have done nearly that well, even at Ikea:)!!!

Libby & Colin said...

Love the idea! You're getting so crafty, Emily :)

Alina said...

Emily, I check your blog every so often, and it is fun to read up on how things are going for you. Love the decorating idea...it is so satisfying for me to recreate a high-end designer look with little money and tons of creativity. Good luck, and I can't wait to see the final product.


Josh said...

Did that set up cost 1,212.99 at Pottery Barn?

Jill (I don't know why I'm signed in as Josh)

Marlo said...

You're taking good ol' Edith Schaeffer to heart aren't you? Love the look! (And the great deal!)