Informal poll

I'm just wondering what everyone thinks of this -



Jill said...

I'll reiterate what I said in a previous email:

This Crystal Paine lady is both the worst of loosely Biblical legalism
also completely fascinating.

She's a 24-year old homeschool graduate. That whole website is her operation. She publishes tons of books articles and maintains the whole thing. It must be an all-consuming undertaking, and her ambition is quite obvious. Does anybody see the contradictions? She's totally living out
the feminist ideals that she simultaneously rejects.

I think if Betty Friedan were alive today, she'd say, "I want my daughter to be just like that Crystal individual." Ambitious, enterprising--a true leader.

I might also add that I think Emily would look very nice in the custom-made Edwardian apron.


I might also add that her website is completely commercialized. Now that's Biblical!

Jill said...

Ok. Now I feel bad about being so critical.

So, here's something positive.

It's clear that this lady really loves the Lord and her cause of elevating stay-at-home motherhood is a noble one.

I cannot stop looking at her website. It's like a train wreck!

Stop me because I could go ON...