I am tired. Very tired. Ryan and I have both been working a ton for the past few weeks and I just can't seem to get the rest I need. Ryan has been on call every other night, making very difficult for either of us to catch up on sleep. And I'm definitely starting to feel my age. :) I think I just need some down time as I've been out of town for the past 3 week-ends. I am really too tired to think right now, it's hitting me all of the sudden. So I'll stick to lists. I am a list person. I could make lists in my sleep.

Things I'm loving right now:
1. My new "Meals for a Month" strategy. I've saved lots of time and money. I hope to perfect this habit in May.

2. The bagged salads that come with all the fixins, including dressing. This week we've had 2 different varieties and I loved both - Asian Supreme and Restaurant-style Poppyseed something-or-other. Both were fantastic.

3. Our new small group. We are studying marriage and it's excellent so far! Believe it not, it's the first marriage study we've ever done in our nearly 5 years of marriage.

4. The brand-new portable DVD player we bought for our many road trips. I scored it off ebay for $80, instead of the $125+ we thought we were going to have to pay!

5. Date night. We have a babysitter tomorrow night and are going out with some friends.

6. The office. Hands-down best TV show ever (next to Desperate Housewives).

Things I'm neutral about:
1 - The cupcakes I made for a party tonight. I had grand visions of chocolate cupcakes, lemon-yellow icing and black polka dots but now it just looks like globs of cake got stuck to the icing...or bugs landed on the cupcakes and I didn't bother to shoo them away. Oh well.

Things I'm not loving right now:
1. Mean kids

2. Not having time to do any of the fun projects on my list. I really want to embroider these cute little fruit and veggie designs in last month's Martha Stewart magazine.

3. How tired I am! What happened to the Emily of endless energy??

4. Ryan's job hunt. This is the real deal, the place where we'll likely end up living for quite some time. It's our 3rd time to choose a city together but this time it's much more stressful. The finality of this choice is what makes it so hard. I hope we know something soon!

5. The chaos and fickleness of corporate America. Just make personnel decisions and stick to 'em, already!

6. Rotator cuff tendonitis - when is my shoulder going to feel better?

Happy Friday!


Jill said...

Weekends are very restorative. Weekends spent away from home are just the opposite. Josh and I are jealous of weekend time for that reason. I'm sure that's a big reason why you are so tired. Hopefully you'll have a restful one this weekend. I would like to hear how my nephew Tyke Samantha (or Rambo) is doing.

maryanne helms said...

So, where are your possible job placement cities? Sounds tiring, but exciting too.