Things I really don't like

Perhaps it's the weather (dreary, cool) or my hormones or, most likely, the election results, but regardless of the reason why, I'm feeling very grumpy and negative today. So here is a list of things that I really don't like:

1 - Democrats

2 - My job (today anyway)

3 - Spending about 6 hours a week on Charlie's therapy (and that's just the clinical part - what we do at home isn't even factored in!)

4 - Daylight Savings - I am so tired ALL THE TIME now

5 - Nancy Pelosi

6 - All the strip malls in Augusta

7 - Ryan's pager. He's back in the ICU this month which means every other night, he gets paged all evening and all night long.
8 - Democrats finding out about a scandal that could put children at risk and then sitting on it for MONTHS so that they could break the story a few weeks before the mid-term elections. Dirty dogs!
9 - The disgusting republican who sent provacative emails to children.

And just to not be too negative...here is something I do like.

Good thing our troops still have a sense of humor. And I also REALLY LIKE the fact that John Kerry is not our president!


Jill said...

'Twas not the brightest day yesterday.

maryanne helms said...

Yup. Darn those Democrats. Times in this land are a-changin'. hey, thanks for hearing and responding to my neediness. I appreciate your commiseration on my behalf- I really mean that. You are a blessing to me.