Every month flylady challenges her audience with a new habit. One recent month it was "a load a day keeps the chaos away!" which challenged us to do one load of laundry per day. I have implemented this habit and it has indeed made my life much easier. This month's habit is meal planning which not only results in a happy, well-fed family - it helps keep the grocery bill under control. So I took her up on the challenge and created a menu template. This menu template includes breakfast, lunch and dinner Mon - Thurs as well as a slot for week-ends, special occasions and snacks. In my new found Domestic Goddess state, I have tons of recipes just waiting to be made so menu planning will facilitate my culinary creativity while saving money.

On this week's dinner menu:
- Monday - Szechuan pork and green beans (DELICIOUS!)
- Tuesday - Pumpkin Black Bean soup (Ryan is a little "iffy" on this one so last night's leftovers are the back-up plan)
- Wednesday - Lime chicken and roasted potatoes
- Thursday - leftovers

Snacks for this week include blue corn chips with queso fresco and spinach dip with reduced-fat wheat thins.

I also decided to host a Southern Living at Home party in a couple of weeks and have begun menu planning for it as well. I need to create a new menu template for parties. Perhaps I'll do that during my 4pm conference call, which will undoubtedly bring this post to a close. I know for sure that I'll be serving Paula Dean's gingerbread trifle. I'm salivating already.

One more tidbit before I go...today I got my hair COLORED FOR THE FIRST TIME. And not because I wanted to but because my gray hair has finally gotten out of control. And I've developed a bald spot from plucking out too much hair. :( So I found myself at a very redneck but cheap establishment and proceeded to explain to the very dyed beautician that I wanted "subtle coverage." Amazingly she understood and my coverage is indeed very subtle...so subtle in fact that my grays are STILL visible. *sigh* I guess it's back to the drawing board...I will be calling her tomorrow for a "touch-up."



maryanne helms said...


I love your hair-dying woes. I was laughing as I read. Glad you are learning to conquer the laundry beast. The whole home-making thing really is a job unto itself. Nothing is ever really completed, because the cycle begins again with each new day, so staying on top of everything definitely diminishes stress. Be sure and send me some pictures of Janelle's wedding!


Jill said...

Oh no! I'm laughing at the mental image of you at the redneck salon. I hope you really didn't pluck yourself a bald spot. I go through the plucking ritual all too often as well. The 'fro is a little to thick at the point to leave a bald spot, however.

Marlo said...

do you not have a regular salon there yet? I can completely picture the redneck salon too. :)

And I would have loved to have stalked you at the Christmas in the South thing. I'm basically a single mom these days because of the building of the house, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to brave the crowds with my double stroller. :)

Congrats to Janelle!

Emily said...

Yep, I sure did pluck myself a bald spot. It was not good.