"If it ain't broke" and saving money

This year we're hosting Christmas Eve dinner with the fam after the Christmas Eve service at church. Normally this job belongs to my aunt but this year we are doing Christmas at her newly-constructed masterpiece on Skidaway Island. Plan B was to go to a nice restaurant but with two kids, no-thank-you-very-much so I volunteered our home. And since Ryan is working both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year, it just makes sense: he can join the fun when he's not dealing with emergencies.

Anyway, I decided to make my White Chili. This stuff is so easy and everyone loves it; it can be cooking while we're at church and ready to eat the minute we get back. The crockpock is always empty after I serve it. And it doesn't have beef so I'll be able to make it without throwing up and eat it - an added bonus. Hopefully no one will be bored, but really, if it ain't broke...

The only downside is that it calls for navy beans, which are kind of pricy. I have yet to find a generic brand and the cans at most stores are around $1 / can. And considering I need about 15 cans for the 3 crockpots full of chili that I'm going to churn out on Christmas Eve, this meal could end up being quite expensive. So to cut costs, I'm going to use dried beans. I have never met a bean I didn't like and cooking them fresh is something I enjoy (obviously, given my obsession with slow cooker black beans!). I bet I'll be able to get all the beans I need for less than $3.

How are you saving money this Christmas?


Tyson said...

I'm cheating. I told every family member to bring something, AND I'm not traveling for the first time EVER so we're saving a bundle on gas! Merry Christmas!

Katherine Maxey said...

We made sugar cookies with the kids last night and let them decorate. I put them in really cute (but cheap) christmas bags and had the kids "deliver" them to Matt's co-workers. Of course they all thought the kids were so cute it made it seem like a much more special gift than just cookies! Some of his co-workers were giving out Omaha steaks! Crazy!