I'm thankful for...

My terrific husband and our happy marriage

Yummy and plentiful food, wonderful family and great friends (especially the ones who wear their daughter's headdress to the table)...
Precious little Elliot, on his first Thanksgiving
And our two wild Indians, who keep us busy, happy and oh-so-tired

I'm also thankful for old friends...there's nothing quite like 'em! So far this month, we've gotten to see Rachel Gross (find her on Facebook if you know her!), Melissa and Chris Dyches and last night, Matt and Katherine!! We had a reunion of our old Savannah crew at our house last night. Too bad we didn't take any pictures...oh well! But we did have White Chili and everyone wanted the recipe; here you go!
White Chili

Season two large chicken breasts and boil them—reserve the chicken stock (season the water with bullion, olive oil, seasoning salt, whatever you think will taste good).
Take 5 cans of navy beans and drain some of the liquid off (keep some of it b/c it thickens up the chili)

In a pan, warm some olive oil and add the following:
1 tsp cumin (use more/less to taste--usually just keep seasoning til it tastes good)
1 small onion chopped
1 small can green chili’s drained
1 small bunch of fresh cilantro chopped up (use more or less to taste
Simmer this for a while.

After chicken is cooked, cut into small pieces (reserve broth)
Put the seasoning above in a pot with the chopped chicken, beans.
Add a little chicken stock to the pot (keep the rest for something else – yummy!).
Simmer on low for an hour and eat (or cook in a crock pot like I did)


Katherine Maxey said...

thanks for having us last night, and thanks for the chili recipe, too! I'm so mad I didn't take any pictures...I even brought the camera in the bag and forgot to pull it out :(

posey said...

seriously can not believe we did not take any pics! when will we all be together again??? thanks for having us and for recipe! it was soo yummy!