Fashion on a Friday

Will this turn into Fashion Fridays? Not sure. Not sure I really care. I'm not going to add one more thing to stress about...down with femcha! (See my previous post if you are lost here.)

In the September issue of Real Simple, there is an article called, "Trends Worth Trying." I couldn't resist buying a copy (I'm highly interested in fashion and trends, even tho most days I wear a kids XL white undershirt and workout shorts). This article contains quite a few juicy trends I'd like to try but the one that really caught my eye was "Patent-leather riding boots." I'm in the market for new black boots and the idea of patent is intriguing. But here is my question: do they have to be riding boots?? I spotted a nice pair of patent-leather boots--moderate heel, pointed toe--while walking to the alterations shop this morning. And they were reasonably priced but decidedly not riding boots.

So back to my question: do they have to be riding boots? Would it be trashy or otherwise inappropriate to wear dressy patent-leather boots to say, church? Please weigh in. And in the meantime, I'm going to consult the latest issue of my favorite magazine: People Stylewatch.

p.s. Thanks to everyone for speaking up about the pressures we all face as women--so SO glad I'm not alone. And I'm really trying...I went to bed w/out doing the dishes last night. I watched The Office on the couch while reading a magazine and then turned the light out on the mess and crawled into bed...without feeling guilty!


WASPy Girl said...

Real riding boots are not patent leather. My students show up to class in real riding boots every day after their equine exploits. I don't think that true riding boots in patent leather form would look exactly right. More appropriate would be the pointy toe / kitten heel variety. Yes, I think you could wear them to church. I love patent leather, but if you'd feel self-conscious, then maybe don't buy them.

Lacy said...

yes, you can wear them to church. I do and lots of other ladies I see do as well. Just keep it classy with like a nice dress or skirt of something.

Marlo said...

We need to go boot shopping together.
How's next Saturday for you? :)