I would just like to take a minute to pay tribute to Charlie's newest gadget, the Bumbo Baby Seat. This seat is really cool - it can be used a seat and as a portable high chair...and babies cannot climb (or fall!) out of them. They are held down by their own weight. It's safe to use as soon as babies can hold their heads up, which Charlie can sort of do. :) As you can see, he loves it (although I'm not sure how he feels about the camera - check out the interesting position of his fingers on his left hand! :)).

Tyke and Scooby like it as well, as it provides them full access to the newest member of the Moody household. Charlie, however, is not too crazy about all the attention from his furry friends. :)


GL said...

I see the little emissary (of S----) has two new victims to torment. Poor Charlie. Eventually he'll be big enough to smack Tyke away.

Emily said...

He is SO not an emissary! He's a little angel!