We've done a few things to prepare for Elliot's arrival...

The bassinet has been assembled and stowed safely in a corner of our room -

(the hospital bag is inside, packed and ready to go);

I've washed and dried baby clothes and they hang neatly in the closet, waiting for a soft little baby body to occupy them; I purchased these precious little shoes and sweet diaper cover, wanting Elliot to have at least a couple of things of his own...

a sweet friend sent this diaper bag -

and we've purchased a few newborn-sized diapers. But that's it.

Unlike last time around, when we spent weeks and weeks planning and decorating the nursery and stocking up on all kinds of frozen and non-perishable foods and paper products. I think I spent an entire paycheck at Sam's the week before Charlie was born! Elliot will sleep in his bassinet in our closet until he sleeps through the night and then he'll move into the office, where he'll either stay in the bassinet or graduate to the pack n play. We'll re-evaluate the sleeping arrangements after settling in Savannah.

All is different with Baby 2...in some ways it seems more surreal, this time around. The pregnancy has flown by and now it's hard to believe that in probably less than two weeks, we'll be a family of four (six if you count the doggie children). And I'm scared to death. It seems that having two kids puts you in a different category and I'm incapable of imagining how it's going to be taking care of a newborn and wild little Charlie.

So the waiting game has really begun in earnest and I'm passing the days by spending as much time with Charlie as possible, relishing these last few weeks with just him. He's so grown-up now, talking all the time and learning so much. I can't believe my first baby is nearly two!

Here is his, trying to kill himself (pretty much a daily activity!):

And finally, a self-portrait of sorts, shadow Emily, with less than 2 weeks 'til D-Day!


Candace Piepgrass said...

We're praying for you Emily. I am about to fly off to TN with my little one, but I'll be checking email and your blog daily. Let us know if Elliot arrives!!! So exciting!!!

Libby & Colin said...

emily--two is so much fun! (though challenging, i've got to admit...) but much more interesting :) you'll do great. i can't wait to hear about elliott's birth!!