Random Thanksgiving

We had a very different Thanksgiving this year. Ryan was working so Charlie and I spent the day watching the parade (which he loved), cleaning the house and doing laundry. Ryan was able to sneak out of the hospital a little earlier than usual and we all celebrated by taking a nap and then going to Cracker Barrel for turkey and pecan pie. Sadly, Cracker Barrel was packed ?

BUT the week-end was great as my sister Anna, brother-in-law David and nephew Tyson (6 months older than Charlie) arrived late Thursday night. In addition to shopping and just hanging out, we made a trip to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. Charlie was thrilled - he pitched a major fit after we left the first three exhibits, apparently not catching on AT ALL that we were off to see more animals. But thankfully, about 20 or so minutes into it, he caught on and was excited to see "more anmals." He is not scared of animals (or much of anything, for that matter) AT ALL so he touched and fed every available creature. He are some of my favorite shots.

Notice my face in this last picture. By this point, I was fed up with giraffe slobber. It was very cool to be be so close to a giraffe (they are HUGE in real life! Look at that head!) but really, we were on our 20th piece of lettuce!

Charlie loves Tyson. He's actually obsessed with him - he does not go one day-or really one hour-without mentioning "Tyse." And could Charlie look anymore like his Dad? :)

In other news, I'm suddenly feeling very pregnant. Twenty-eight weeks today. Yikes. This one is sneaking up on me! I'm tired, lots of things hurt and bending over to pick things up is a fate worse than death. I don't remember feeling such random pains with Charlie but then again, I didn't do the human pretzel every day to keep up with a wild and crazy 20 month old. That probably has something to do with it.

Anyway, by popular demand...a photo, taken last Sunday...Anna, also pregnant, is 20 weeks.

Thanks so my growing mid-section, Charlie has finally realized that something is going on. The other day he randomly looked at me, looked down at my stomach and said "baby." We told him there was a baby in there a few weeks ago and he was like, "um, OK, whatever." But I guess he remembered! Occasionally he'll remember the baby's name and say, "Baby. Eyat!" with a huge smile but most often, it's just "Baby." At least he's getting the memo that something is about to change!

In other news, we (well, me, Ryan has been working like crazy!) have really started looking at houses. For you Savannahians, our top choice at this point is a new house in one of the new neighborhoods in the Isle of Hope area. I'm so excited at the thought, I can barely stand it!



Marlo said...

Yay! I love everything about this post. The pictures, the animals- yes, that giraffe head looks HUGE, the pregnancy- love that picture of you & Anna- and Isle of Hope! You will seriously be right around the corner. Woo-hoo!

Marlo said...

Oh- and I forgot to tell you- the new Target is next to the Home Depot off Victory. So, right off the Truman, instead of all the lights out to the Southside one. :)
-And what's up with this new comment format?

Katherine Maxey said...

great post and great pics!
If this will make you feel any better, Matt took me to Ryans for our FIRST thanksgiving together. Pretty sad....and the worst part about it is that I saw like 10 people I knew as patients in the hospital. I haven't been back :)

Candace Piepgrass said...

Charlie looks just like Ryan. I loved the pictures. As for your pregnancy, I couldn't figure out what was worse, throwing up for 10 weeks in the 1st trimester or feeling so incredibly uncomfortable in the 3rd trimester. I am sure chasing around a little one doesn't help. Hopefully Elliot will make an early appearance :)

Candace Piepgrass said...
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