The (Nearly) Finished Product

We are missing the third (top) shelf but overall, I'm very pleased! My little sister's blurry, cheap camera just does not do it justice! :) Ryan did a great job of hanging the shelves (which we found at Lowe's; the Target shelves didn't work). The shelves ended up being a little more expensive than we'd originally thought but we love it...and we spent about 1/9 of what we'd have spent if we bought the "look" from Pottery Barn! I have wanted a china cabinet since we moved in but budget and space issues have prevented us from finding and purchasing one. But patience has its rewards - I like this setup better than any others I have seen in stores or magazines and I just can't stop looking at it. :) I'll post another (hopefully more clear) picture after we find and hang the top shelf, which needs to be more shallow and ledge-like as opposed to a shelf like the other two.

The $12 cabinet is still by favorite purchase...with a fresh coat of paint and some new knobs, it sure is a looker!



Jill Abraham said...


maryanne helms said...

Looks so good! I love the black and green contrast. Really good job. I have a cabinet that is almost identical to that one, I painted black as well. Same size and everything. Only, mine stores volumes and volumes of kids' books:)

Marlo said...

woo-hoo! And I'm sure you get so much more enjoyment out of that than you would have with the more expensive version. How very "Edith" of you!
-Hey, by the way, you are invited to the Office finale party at our house on the 17th.
I know it's a Thursday night and a long shot, but thought I should let you know anyway. :)